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Saxon Clueless With Hafa? - Short Sale Classes

In this article we wanted to share some insight into how the HAFA program is being processed by Saxon. When we spoke with Saxon's Short Sale Department, it was clear that the process is still very new to them as they have yet to work through a short sale to closing. What we did gather from Saxon is the current process with closing HAFA transactions. We wouldn't be surprised if Saxon makes changes in the future to improve HAFA transactions.

When the HAFA program kicked in early 2010, many real estate agents were excited to see that some standard processes were put in place to encourage short sales and to help decrease lender response times. As we move through 2010, the real estate industry is yet to see the benefits of HAFA.

1) Initial contact from homeowner - Borrower speaks to the HAFA Short Sale Dept by phone to notify them of wanting to submit a short sale packet via their HAFA program. There is an option to speak with a Saxon Spanish speaking representative as well.

2) Sign Letter of Solicitation - A HAFA Letter of Solicitation is sent to the borrower via US Mail. This letter is to be signed and returned to Saxon via fax or US Mail. If this is not received, the processing of the short sale will not continue.

3) BPO (Broker's Priced Opinion) Completed Saxon will order a BPO and review the report when received to decide how to move forward with the Short Sale. At this point, the BPO value needs to be in line with the purchase offer and if it is not, negotiations will have to occur in order to move the short sale file forward. Send in any market information that supports the purchase offer that was submitted.

4) HAFA Package sent to Borrower Once the BPO is received by Saxon, a HAFA packet is sent to the borrower via US Mail. The borrower completes this paperwork and returns it via US Mail. This paperwork is required to qualify the Borrower under the HAFA program.

At this point, the borrower waits to see if they qualify for the HAFA program. This is important because it will determine the outcome of the approval. Specifically, how much realtor commissions are allowed. HAFA guarantees 6% of commission to the real estate agents and if the short sale is not qualified under HAFA, Saxon may cut this commission down to 5%.

Keep in mind that there is a Short Sale Secrets Department that deals specifically with HAFA transactions and another department that handles non-HAFA transactions. What this means is that there will be different contact numbers to call for status and different negotiators assigned to the file.

If your short sale begins processing with the regular Short Sale Department and it qualifies for HAFA later, it will be moved to the HAFA Short Sale Department and assigned to a new negotiator. If you submitted your short sale file to the HAFA Short Sale Department and it ends up not qualifying for HAFA, it will be moved to the regular Short Sale Department.

In one of our short sale submissions, we had called to verify receipt of a BPO that was ordered by Saxon and they had no updates in their file that a BPO was ever ordered. After some confusion and investigating, Saxon realized that the BPO was ordered via the HAFA Short Sale Department and we had to call a different number for status.

Another item to note is that if you already submitted a short sale via Saxon's non-HAFA Short Sale Department, you can always pursue qualifying for HAFA afterwards and it the file will be moved over to the HAFA Short Sale Department.

If you are unsure whether or not the borrower may qualify for the HAFA program, visit the website If you determine that your borrower would not qualify for the HAFA program, submit your short sale package to Saxon's non-HAFA Short Sale Department. Doing this upfront investigating will help you from wasting time with having your short sale file moved from one department to another and yet waiting for a new negotiator to be assigned.

Chase Unknown to HAFA's Process

In this article we wanted to share some insight into how the HAFA program is being processed by Chase. When we spoke with Chase's Short Sale Department, it was clear that the process is still very new to them and they being that the program is very new, they do not know enough about the program. Chase did not know in too much detail about the HAFA forms Short Sale Agreement (SSA) or the Request for Approval of a Short Sale (RASS).

The standard response from Chase was to visit their website for HAFA information and download the Short Sale Information Packet. After visiting their website, they had no information on HAFA and there was no information on how to qualify for HAFA.

When the HAFA program kicked in early 2010, many real estate agents were excited to see that some standard processes were put in place to encourage short sales and to help decrease lender response times. As we move through 2010, the real estate industry is yet to see the benefits of HAFA. We wouldn't be surprised if Chase makes multiple changes in the future to improve HAFA transactions and we will continue to report any changes that occur.

In order to get better information from Chase with regards to HAFA, we had to contact someone from the executive response team. We were able to gather better information on the process of submitting HAFA short sale transactions.

1) Borrower makes initial contact The borrower must call the HAFA Helpline at 866-326-0086 and request a HAFA Eligibility Letter to be sent to their current mailing address. This letter is received after 5-7 days. If nothing is received after a week, call the HAFA Helpline again to make another request. It is important to follow up on receipt of the letter to ensure your short sale file is moving forward.

2) Borrower receives HAFA Eligibility Letter What is sent to the borrower is the standard Chase Short Sale Information Packet with an additional page specific to HAFA and details all the conditions required to qualify for the HAFA program. To view these requirements on the internet, we were instructed to visit

3) If the short sale file qualifies under the HAFA program, 6% real estate commission are allowed, otherwise they will drop it to their standard 5%. Therefore, it is beneficial to the real estate agents if they go through the process of qualifying the borrower under HAFA.

4) If you submitted a short sale packet, you can still pursue HAFA qualifications. It is our recommendation to verify whether or not the borrower can qualify for the HAFA program upfront to save you some time on processing.

Historically, Chase has been very slow to process short sale transactions, and with additional guidelines with HAFA, we expect Chase to take some time before their negotiators are up to speed with how to process HAFA transactions. It has been WHB Solutions experience to educate Chase short sale negotiators on short sale processes, especially when they are Chase specific.

We have found the negotiators to be easy to work and follow internal guidelines to the T but information shared internally is not always good. On many occasions we have had to share Chase internal processing changes to negotiators assigned on our other files, which ended up working in our favor as the new internal changes allowed us to process our short sale file faster.

It is our recommendation to investigate whether or not your short sale transaction qualifies for the HAFA program upfront as it will help to make sure you can get 6% real estate agent commissions. Also, we encourage you to escalate your questions if the Chase contact you are communicating with cannot give you an answer to your question.

Keep in mind that short sale negotiators in general have a lot of files to work on and follow processes very closely. Do not expect them to go the extra mile to help you structure your short sale transaction that will be to your advantage. All they are looking for is to process and close the short sale file. The motivation is to close as many files as they can as they receive bonuses based on performance.

Dealing with HAFA Transactions in Bank of America's Equator

In this article we wanted to share some insight into how the HAFA program is being processed by Bank of America, specifically how Equator handles HAFA transactions. When the HAFA program kicked in early 2010, many real estate agents were excited to see that some standard processes were put in place to encourage short sales and to help decrease lender response times. As we move through 2010, the real estate industry is yet to see the benefits of HAFA. We wouldn't be surprised if Bank of America makes multiple changes in the future to improve HAFA transactions and we will continue to report any changes that occur.

Currently, we have an existing file submitted in Equator. The borrower called Bank of America to pre-qualify for the HAFA program and we were told the short sale file was flagged as HAFA qualified. However, after logging into Equator, there is no indication that the file was qualified for HAFA, which led to some concern.

WHB Solutions has analyzed and closed hundreds of short sale transactions and we know that when dealing with short sales, verify everything. Do not take the word of someone on the other side of the phone. Therefore, to overcome our concerns about whether or not our short sale file was in fact HAFA qualified, we contacted the negotiator assigned to our file and was informed that he does not work on HAFA transactions!

No calls were ever made to inform us of this fact and we jumped on the phones to Bank of America's Short Sale Department to confirm that our file was in fact qualified for HAFA. We were then told that the file will be assigned to a HAFA negotiator and we should get an update of this new contact in a week. We were also told that the short sale file will remain open in Equator until a new negotiator is assigned. Whew!

We thought we were in the clear with this file but then we realized based on our past experience that when a file moves to a new negotiator the short sale process is interrupted. A BPO (Broker's Priced Opinion) had already been ordered and we were not sure if this BPO would still be valid. We then called back to Bank of America and they mentioned that the BPO would still be valid and would be reviewed by the new negotiator.

Within a week, the borrower was sent a short sale package with specific paperwork on the HAFA program. Keep in mind that Bank of America's guideline is to send this information to the borrower via US Mail and they will not fax or email this information. Most likely, this information is sent certified mail and must be verified as delivered to the borrower for liability reasons.

Summarizing how Bank of America deals with HAFA transactions, expect the following processing events:

1) Borrower makes initial contact The borrower must call Bank of America to get pre-qualified for the HAFA program.
2) Borrower receives HAFA Package Bank of America sends out a Short Sale packet with HAFA information to the borrower's mailing address.
3) Currently, Equator has no way of showing that a short sale file submitted is qualified under HAFA. Bank of America mentioned that it may update their system to reflect this event.
4) If the short sale file qualifies under the HAFA program, 6% real estate commission are allowed, otherwise they will drop it to their standard 5%. Therefore, it is beneficial to the real estate agents if they go through the process of qualifying the borrower under HAFA.
5) If you submitted a short sale packet, you can still pursue HAFA qualifications. It is our recommendation to verify whether or not the borrower can qualify for the HAFA program upfront to save you some time on processing.

Bank of America - HAFA

I have a short sale in progress, currently in Equator. The status is Valuations, and the buyer just called in for HAFA qualification. According to the front line rep, the file was indeed "tagged" with a HAFA notation, and that our current negotiator would remain with the file.

The number 877.452.3908 is the HAFA line for customers, and they run 8am-8pm EST. Currently, the number is heavily impacted, and it was recommended that borrowers call in early to get through. (8am EST is 5am PST).

I asked the negotiator for next steps, and asked if we should upload the SSA and Alternative RASS into the Library for review.

Bank of America - Equator

Race to the finish. Two files - exact same floor plan in the same complex, one started late Jan, the other late March. However, the main difference seemed to be that in the second property, three different escalation requests had to be made in order for the negotiator to be prompted to take action.

First property - Third Party Auth (3/26), Short Sale Submitted (3/29), Negotiator Assigned (4/5), Valuations Stage completed (5/17), First counter submitted 5/14, Accepted 2nd counter 5/18.

Second property - Third Party Auth (Jan 27), Short sale submitted (Feb 2), Negotiator Assigned (Feb 23), 3 escalations submitted until Valutaions completed (5/5), First Counter (5/17), Second Counter (5/19), Accepted 2nd (5/19)

Other notes: Both properties were listed for ,000. The BPO came back on the first at .5K, but still the first counter came in at ,500. Same for the second property - so this shows that the bank is trying to get over BPO as an initial tactic. #1 has a offer price of .5, while the second property has an initial offer price of .5, and because prices have been dropping, has reduced their price to k.


PNC + National City

First loan with PNC, 2nd loan with National City. PNC acquired National City - but the short sale applications are being processed by their respective departments. The reps are still not authorized to speak to one another, which prompted us to created a Third Party Authorization that will allow them to speak to one another

In my case, National City was asking for a large contribution (40%), to approve the short sale, something that the PNC investor would never grant. This prompted us to get managers in each department to speak to one another to resolve, but they were not permitted to do so until they received the Third Party Authorization that allowed them to speak to each other.

PNC does participate in the HAFA program, but needs to check whether the investor behind the loan also agrees to participate.

A best practice that we should always remember to do.

Whenever you get a "win" of any kind from a bank rep, it is a great opportunity to get the contact information of their managers in order to write a "Thank you" letter.

Ricardo was the foreclosure technician who helped me process a postponement. I asked him for his manager's email and followed through with my thank you letter.

Look carefully at what came back - the telephone number of his manager Maria (it's in her signature), and it looks like another manager was cc'd on the email - Quinnie Wright.
Now I have three "go-to" people at Bank of America - Ricardo, Maria, and Quinnie - just from the simple courtesy of sending out a thank you email.

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Is Bankruptcy A Way To Pardon Student Loans?

The Condition of Undue Hardship

Many people are in debt due to the student loans they took out in order to pay for their college education. With many possible solutions to remove the debt once and for all, however the most favored is bankruptcy. But being students, claiming bankruptcy is defiantly a problem because the legal terms and conditions of the student loan clearly states that the loan is non dischargeable. Due to this very reason, the loan repayment causes the borrower undue hardship. This hardship only occurs at time when the person is facing a high degree of financial problems that he or she will not be able to satisfy his or her basic needs once the loan is repaid. In order to claim bankruptcy, the borrower needs to affirm that he or she is facing undue hardship; however hard it may be.

History of Undue Hardship Clause

In the past, students were able to get rid of their student loans. However, lenders criticized the system, which lead to changes in the rules and regulations of the student loan contract. Now it is harder for students to get their loans discharges. Even thought this may seem unfair, the system was criticized because students took advantage of the system as they declared bankruptcy immediately after completing their students before they even got a job. This is why the rules and regulations of the contract had to be changed, as the lenders were losing out.

What the Clause Says About Student Loan Discharge

After the change in rules and regulations of private loans, the government felt it was necessary to apply this clause to government loans as well. This made student loan discharge even more impossible. However, in order to get a student loan discharge, you will need to prove to the government that your living of standard is not high and that you have tries every possible means of paying back the loan. Only then will your loan be pardoned.

The Sign of the Co-Signer

Even when you have met all the terms and conditions in the clause, you will need a co-signer. The co-signer is the person who signed the contract with you when you took out the loan in the first place. That specific co-signer will not be able to take into account his hardship exclusion.

What to Keep In Mind

When you decide to claim bankruptcy, you need to make sure that you have thought about it very clearly. You should only file for bankruptcy if it is necessary and there are no other options available to you. Make sure that when you are going to claim bankruptcy that it will pardon your student loan, otherwise declaring you are bankrupt will do you no good.

If you are in debt and you need to pay your student and other loans but are unable due to a low income job, you will need to visit the court. By visiting the court, you will be able to find ways to declare hardship and have a new start to your life debt free.

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Overcome Your Financial Crisis With Bankruptcy - Prince George Lawyers

Almost everyone faces financial instability at some time in their lives. In such a situation, even little things turn worse and deeply affect the standards of living of the individual. There are many reasons like the global economical crunch, serious accidents, health issues etc behind the financial problems that people face. Financial difficulties can make daily tasks much more difficult to accomplish. No one wants to be in a financial crunch. But finding the right solution for these debt problems is not always easy. If you have no way out of your financial debts, then declaring bankruptcy is the only solution. Bankruptcy is a legal process which allows you relief from the burden of an overwhelming debt load, and provides the quickest route to the elimination of your debts and the ability to start working on recovering your credit rating.

Shortage of money can either be a result of poor economical control or certain unexpected occurrences. Whatever the reason be, there are professionalattorneysof personal bankruptcy in Prince George to deal with this excessive budget. It is also important to identify the specific type of bankruptcy that you wish to apply for. There are many different forms of bankruptcy declaration. The legal aspects of applying for bankruptcy are often difficult to understand. The services of Bankruptcy Prince George lawyers can help you find a more viable solution to your financial problems in the long run.

Generally, a proposal of bankruptcy is an offer to your creditors to either pay them over a longer period of time, or pay them less than the total amount owed. This is a Government regulated process, which is binding on all creditors. Only a licensed Trustee can help to bindingallof your creditors and arrange for a compromise of a tax debt. General credit counselors do not have such authority. While selecting debt Prince George lawyer, verify the lawyer or trustee for their proper licenses. An online search can help you to locate the trustee in the city and also, you can gather more information about these services.

Across the city, there are many licensed Debt and bankruptcy trustees with the right experience to manage your financial troubles. These services have sorted out thousands of bankruptcy cases and provided financial relief to their clients. Debt Prince George attorneys will offer you several options of solution and also help to select the most convenient options suitable to your financial situation. They provide step by step guidance throughout the process which helps you to clear all your doubts and confusions about debt, bankruptcy issues.

While approaching Bankruptcy Prince George attorneys, you should maintain transparency in certain basic details like your financial obligations, resources, income and private details with them. This will help your lawyer to find out best solution for your debt problem and can ensure most appropriate course of action for your case. Hiding something can lead you to trouble for no good reason. With the assistance in the legal process of bankruptcy, you can rebuild your finances with ease.

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Understanding How Credit Reports And Credit Scores Work

Your credit rating is very important if you wish to be able to continue to be approved for loans, credit card applications, and get good rates while in the process. The reason for this is that all financial institutions use your credit rating to help them during the decision making process. In short, if your credit rating is good, they will approve your loan, and if not, they will either disapprove it or approve it at a much higher rate.

Although you already probably have a good idea on where your credit rating stands, since it is you that makes payments on your credit cards and other loans, the first thing you need to do to find out exactly how you are doing is to get a copy of your credit report. You can easily get a copy of your credit report by going to the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) website to apply for a copy on your credit report online.

Once you have your credit report with you, go over the details of each and every loan, and every credit card account on the report. It will show you not just the payment details of each loan, which will show if you paid on time or paid late, but also list the financial institutions that recently accessed your credit report. On the enquiry part, you should see the credit scores that was sent to the financial companies that asked for the report. Note that some companies will just ask for the Credit Bureau Scores (CBS), while some will ask for the Global FICO Score as well. It is not really important which rating system they as for, because they all basically use the same criteria for computing your scores. The important thing is that you get an overview of what your current credit score is.

The scoring system according to ICB is as follows:
Lowest Score (Highest Risk) Highest Score (Lowest Risk)
ICB CRIF 1 367 548
ICB CRIF 2 330 550
GFS 300 850

Obviously, if you find your scores on the low side, you will have a bad credit score. This will definitely explain why you are being turned down for loans or being offered high rates. The good news is that you can improve your credit score in time by always making your credit card payment on time, settling loans that are already in default, and acquiring better money spending habits. To ensure you always make your credit card payments on time, you can set up direct debit payments on your online credit card account. You can also do a balance transfer if you have several cards so that you only have one account to worry about, and not end up missing due dates.

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3 Crucial Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Any Company To Build Your Corporate Business Credit

Accessing corporate business credit is the fastest and most powerful way to expand any business. However, in today's credit environment banks have been getting stricter with their lending requirements.

Most small business owners are starving for cash and unfortunately this environment has led to several unscrupulous corporate business credit providers taking advantage of desperate business owners seeking corporate credit.

When hiring a professional corporate credit builder you must be extra careful who you deal with. Here are 3 crucial questions you must ask any company before hiring them to build your lines of corporate business credit.

CAUTION: Failure To Ask The Following 3 Questions Will Likely Put You At Risk Of Being Taken Advantage Of And Prove To Be A Very Costly Lesson!

Corporate Business Credit Crucial Question #1: Are they really on your side?

How Does The Company Get Paid?: The best corporate business credit building firms only get paid if they actually get you results. Before dealing with any company ask them how they get paid. Is there an upfront fee? If there is, how much of the total fee is paid only after they are successful in acquiring corporate business credit lines for you?

When you're dealing with a really good corporate credit builder they will not charge you until after they produce results. If they don't get corporate credit for you then they simply don't get paid! With this payment arrangement you know they are on your side and have your best interest in mind.

Which Type Of Credit Will They Build For You : Will you receive trade credit or cash credit?

This is one of the biggest rookie mistakes people make when they hire a professional corporate business credit builder.

Many corporate credit companies prey on their client's ignorance of the difference between "trade credit" and "cash credit". You'll see outrageous advertisements like "Get a 300K Corporate Credit Line Within 30 Days With No Credit Check". Beware of outlandish advertisements such as these.

Often when a corporate credit builder makes such claims they are talking about building you trade credit and not cash credit.

What's the difference between Trade Credit and Cash Credit?

Trade credit can only be used with one particular store or vendor. Trade credit is great if you need office supplies or computer equipment but it won't do you much good if you need actual cash. Like the saying goes, "Cash is king".

Corporate Business Credit Crucial Question #3: Can The Company Provide You With Referrals?

This should be a no brainer but it amazes me how many people pay for corporate business credit building services without getting referrals first.

Any decent corporate credit builder should be able to provide you with a list of happy satisfied customers. If they can't provide you with referrals and satisfied customers then the odds are they don't have any satisfied customers. Always ask for referrals before you pay them any money. If they can't provide referrals then walk away.

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Real Estate Software Every Virtual Assistant Should Know

You will see a definite increase in the amount of work realtors will outsource to you once they learn that you know and understand how the top software works. Agents understand how valuable these software tools are for their success as agents, and you can easily learn how to use these software programs with convenient and affordable online training.

To boost your edge over competing virtual assistants, the following is a listing of the top software that every virtual assistant should know about if they want to find success as a REVA.

WriteMyAds is a brand new web based service that can turn your ad copy into the stunning copy that gets results.

Rainmaker E .Central 4 is an impressive marketing system for automated drip email campaigns with more than 1800 plug in website pages. Keeping track of drip email marketing campaigns is simple with this system.

SettlementRoom is a top online based online transaction coordination database management system that helps you complete your OTC work with ease. Many online virtual assistant training includes courses that cover this important resource for agents and the virtual assistants they outsource OTC to.

IMPREV is a comprehensive web designing application for the production of high quality materials to meet the needs of realtors and clients, includes lead generating, uniquely designed agent websites, and more.

VisualTour helps you create, host, and have an unlimited number of virtual tours for less than a month. Agents use this software to provide online presentations for clients that really knock ones socks off. Surprise your realtor clients with knowledge of this software tool.

Top Producer is a leading CRM software program that agents uilize for prospecting, contact management, tracking, transaction management, and many more features that lend themselves to the realtor and the VA who knows about and understands how to use this software to help their clients produce the results needed for success.

AgencyLogic is revolutionizing the marketing of homes on the web, with individualized websites and web addresses to showcase and market a single home or real estate property. Create as many of these individual websites as needed. Every real estate VA should know about this impressive real estate software.

eNeighborhoods lets you produce stunning reports to use for the marketing of any neighborhood in the country. A terrific software program for any realtor but especially helpful for multiple listings in several states for real estate agents to provide to clients who are seeking realtor relocation services. Eneighborhoods provides reports containing information of interest such as demographics, employment, and school systems in the area. Every real estate virtual assistant should know about this useful real estate software.

RealProSystems is a real estate software system that creates lead generating websites and includes other features that makes this software valuable to the real estate agent. This is another of the real estate software that every real estate virtual assistant should know.

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000-586 Ibm Case Manager V5.1 Exam

In contrast to other IBM Certified Solution Designer IBM certification exams, the IBM Case Manager V5.1 Exam is specially designed to gauge a candidate's knowledge when it comes to completing technical tasks such as 000-586 configuration and 000-586 maintenance of the active directory environment. The Windows Server 2008 Active, Director Exam will enable you to earn the amount of credit required towards becoming an MCTS IBM 000-586 Certified Technology Specialist.

The course which is also commonly IBM Certified Solution Designer referred to as IBM 000-586 IBM Case Manager V5.1 Exam Exam can also enable you to earn enough credits to sit for MCITP IBM 000-586 Certified IT Professional (Enterprise Administrator). Excelling in the course enables you to be ready for numerous job positions, for example, technical support specialist, system administrator or IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam network administrator. This type of course IBM Certified Solution Designer is suitable for IT students or 000-586 professionals in other IBM Certified Solution Designer fields who would like to get a job in a complex ICT environment. These types of IT setups are usually found in medium to large businesses .

Course prerequisites

Unlike other 000-M41 exams administered by IBM IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam, there are no particular conditions for enrolling for the IBM 000-586 IBM Case Manager V5.1 Exam Exam. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you gain at least one year of experience working in an ICT environment. In addition, persons 000-M41 registering for IBM 000-586 Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) 000-586 certification course ought to have at least 12 months of IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam experience not only in implementing, but managing a network OS in an office environment 000-586 which comprises of, but not limited to 250 users, three geographical locations and three domain controllers.

IBM 000-586 Exam IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam Expectations

The IBM Case Manager V5.1 Exam is made up of multiple choice questions, build list and reorder, hot area as well as build a tree question. While sitting for the 000-586 exam, you may realize that some of the IBM Case Manager V5.1 Exam questions 000-M41 are adaptive. In addition, you may notice that there are couple of simulation questions tested. In comparison to IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam certification exams, you will not come across a case study like queries. In order to excel in the 000-586 exam, you need to score a minimum of 700 points out of a IBM Certified Solution Designer possible 1000 points. To score at least 700 points, you need to attempt roughly 55 questions in not more than 120 minutes.

Getting Ready for the IBM 000-586 Exam

Prior to sitting for any 000-586 examination, you need to prepare in advance to guarantee success. The preparation 000-M41 process entails an understanding of the basics, and proper comprehension of the implementation process. Most IBM Certified Solution Designer candidates registering for the 000-M41 IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam exam often find it challenging trying to collect the proper resources needed to excel in the exam as there are hundreds of study 000-M41 IBM Certified Solution Designer materials accessible in the market. When searching for a study guide to assist you with IBM Certified Solution Designer preparing for the IBM IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales Exam 000-586 Exam, look for a suitable study material which offers candidates with proper awareness of the hypotheses outlined in the exam. In addition, the study material ought to make it easy to understand the information.

Topics Covered

The following are the IBM Certified Solution Designer different types of topics that are covered in the IBM Case Manager V5.1 Exam: Configuring forest and domains IBM Certified Solution Designer, Configure backup and recovery and 000-M41 Configuring Additional Active Directory Server Roles.

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Untreated Fractures

Untreated Fractures.

Unfortunately we see all too many cases of fractures left untreated, leaving a patient to suffer severe pain and discomfort. This article explores how fractures can be left untreated, the potential complications, and what you can do if you or a loved one has endured an untreated fracture.

How Can A Fracture Be Left Untreated?

While fractures usually occur as a result of an obvious injury such as a fall or an accident, there are times when a fracture can happen for reasons that are less clear. For example, fractures can arise from repeated stress upon a bone (common in athletes) or from an infection or cyst (common in the elderly).

Because the cause of a fracture is not always apparent, it is important to be aware of the symptoms. These vary depending on the injury, but will generally include:-

* Pain and swelling;

* Bruising or discoloured skin around the bone or joint;

* The limb or affected area of the body is bent at an unusual angle (known as angulation);

* The inability to move or put weight upon the injured part of the body;

* A grinding or grating sensation at the site of injury (known as crepitus).

If someone is experiencing these symptoms it is important to seek medical advice without delay. A medical professional should then confirm whether or not a fracture has been sustained by X-raying the site of injury, before beginning treatment to realign the broken bones.

However, occasionally a fracture is left untreated. This can be for one of two reasons:

1. A fracture is identified but deliberately left untreated.

Some fractures to not need to be treated, as they can be left to recover without the aid of medical interventional. Medical professionals may decide this is the best course of action particularly when small bones are fractured, such as in the toes, feet and hands.

2. A fracture is left untreated by mistake.

A fracture can be left untreated by mistake, either because medical professionals fail to identify a fracture when examining an X-ray, or because an X-ray fails to be performed at all.

What Happens If A Fracture Is Left Untreated?

If a fracture is not properly treated, it can potentially lead to a number of complications, such as:-

* Infection, particularly of the bone or bone marrow. This can develop into a persistent infection called osteomyelitis;

* Permanent nerve damage;

* Deformity or 'malunion' (where the bones heal in the wrong position);

* Rupturing of muscle and/or ligament;

* Blood clots and/or sores;

* Avascular necrosis (where the bone loses its blood supply and dies.)

An untreated fracture can therefore have extremely serious consequences that may result in long-term damage. In the most serious cases, particularly where injuries to the neck are concerned, a fracture left untreated can result in paralysis or even death.

Untreated Fractures and Medical Negligence.

An untreated fracture can cause unnecessary pain and suffering. If you have been deliberately left with an untreated fracture and have suffered permanent problems as a result of the lack of treatment, or if you were mistakenly left with a fracture which resulted in further complications, then you may be able to make a successful medical negligence claim. For more information, you should seek expert legal advice from a medical negligence lawyer.

Copyright (c) 2011 Julie Glynn

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Watch Tv On Pc - Over 3500 Channels With Satellite Tv Software For Pc

I always thought Satellite TV Software for PC are great, but with the limitation of mobility. You have a great choice of channels, and visual quality, but only when you are home, and your TV is connected to your satellite dish/receiver set. And i always wondered why noone thinks about creating a mobility solution for my tv watching pleasure.

Well, now it's no longer a question, because i have met the greatest software, SatelliteDirect. It simply turns your pc (or mac of course) into a satellite tv, with a really low and affordable one time fee! Of course, the first thing i thought was "it should be illegal to sell so many channels fort his low". But i have checked it, and everything seems to be very legal.

It's very easy to start just visit this website watch satellite TV on your PC.

Now i can watch the games on my laptop even at work. Going to parents-in-law for dinner is no longer a problem for my virtual league, as i can watch and check the scores anywhere i find internet connection. It has no limits for downloads, or channels you watch. You just simply pay the one time fee, which is paid back if you don't like the service, and instantly you have access to over 3500 channels on your pc or mac.

The system is as simple as possible. You register on Satellite Direct, make your payment with your credit card,or even paypal, download the software for your pc or mac,and start watching any of those 3500 channels you like.

I have started using this software for satellite tv last month, last week i cancelled my satellite tv and i will cancel my cable tv before the end of this month, because this software gives me all the services of satellite and cable. I also bought an HDMI cable and connected my laptop to my tv, so now i have the luxury of a big flat screen with HD resolution. Now i am thinking about using my old pc as a set top box to watch TV, thanks to Satellite Direct, all is need is a cable.

Just today we bought another membership for my brother, and he is really happy now that he can watch the games online wherever he is. Because of his job, he often visits Europe and he was always complaning that he can't reach his satellite channels that he has at home, and always used it as an excuse for his looses on our virtual league. Now he has no excuse left, we will see how he really plays.

I know it sounds like a dream come true, but it really is. Remember the days when we had no internet, and paid huge bills for anything like telephony, video conferencing, etc. Now we got internet and the best advantage of the net is that it reduces our costs for anything, now including our broadcasting needs.

As a conclusion, i recommend you give SatelliteDirect a try. The worst thing you loose will be a few minutes. You get your Money back if you don't like it. You will not see recurring bills like your satellite or cable provider on your credit card report. It's easy to install and also very easy to uninstall. Just register here - , pay, download and meet the new era of TV pleasure with HD resolution.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Offer a Vendor Equipment Leasing Program to Enhance Sales and Profits

Vendors who offer a properly structured equipment leasing program are giving the customer a viable financing option. In addition,they are taking a major step to increase sales, market share, and profits. Yet it's surprising how many companies will not provide a leasing program. Some say it's because their customers have their own sources. Others say their customers pay cash. This mindset can be costly in a variety of ways. The biggest problem is that it can drive the customer to the arms of your competition. Customers can view the vendor as a one-stop shop where they can both fulfill their orders and get the financing they need, rather than having to seek financing from a bank or other financial institution.

Some equipment suppliers do offer a leasing program, but give the customer a choice between several leasing companies for them to use. That may sound practical, but shopping deals with a multitude of leasing companies can actually lower the chance of approval. If the customer chooses one of the leasing companies, and is subsequently declined, two negative actions may result. First, the credit inquiry lowers the customer's credit score. Second, it will be clear this is a shopped transaction, and will make it more difficult to get the credit approved. If it is approved, the lower credit score will cause the rate to be higher.

Establishing a sound relationship with one reputable leasing company is the best course of action for both vendors and customers for several reasons:

1. The relationship (allowing one leasing company to be involved) should result in lower rates for your customers, thereby making it more attractive to buy from you. If a vendor uses multiple companies and shops deals, they will not usually get the best rates.
2. Using one leasing company results in better pricing because of increased volume. Leasing companies make more money when deals come through referrals, rather than expensive marketing. The referral business is more profitable because it provides a steady stream of deals from clients who are looking to acquire equipment now and need financing.
3. Because maintaining the relationship with the equipment supplier is critical to profitability, they will do everything in their power to keep the approval rate high and the lease rates low. These savings are passed on to the client.
4. The leasing company will also be more motivated and go the extra mile to fund the most challenging credits.
5. Because of economies of scale involved with large volume directed to the leasing company, the supplier is often entitled to referral fees of 1% to 2%, thus providing an additional income stream.

Utilizing credit control allows the vendor to maximize approvals while getting the best possible rates for clients. Leasing companies often spend a lot of money on marketing to increase their sales volume. With a vendor leasing program in place, the leasing company receives a steady flow of very similar clients who are seeking equipment now, and need financing. Since no additional marketing funds were incurred to get those clients,leasing companies pass on the savings by virtue of favorable pricing. Thus,the company's customers benefit by enjoying lower financing costs as a result of its direct relationship with the leasing company.

Providing a lease option for your customers has tremendous advantages to everyone involved. Both the leasing company and equipment supplier will likely enjoy increased profits and the customer can acquire much needed equipment without a large down payment. Another advantage to the customer is that leasing allows them to easily upgrade their equipment package to a state-of-the-art level.

To set up a vendor leasing program, the financing company will typically expect the company to be in business for at least a year. It will review the stability of the business and its customers. Leasing is usually easier to obtain than bank loans or letters of credit, even though there is a determination of risk to the finance company.

Canadian Gift Card Swap

Canadians now have a way to turn their unwanted gift cards into cash. For years millions of dollars of these plastic cards have been lost, stolen or expired. The lost cards have been created a huge windfall for the stores that issues them and never end up having to part with any merchandise or refunds for unused cards. While several websites in the US that buy and sell gift cards have been around for years, none of them have provided an outlet for Canadian consumers. There are currently a couple ways to get cash for your cards but until recently there have not been any services that offer the same simplicity and ease American sites have offered. In this article we will examine the top three Canadian gift card swap techniques.

Canadians can and always have been able to sell their cards on ebay Canada. Although it is not dedicated purely to gift certificates the auction website provides a relatively easy way to sell a card. I say relatively easy because if you have not already signed up for an account it can be a pain to learn how to use the website. It is not simple for newbie's and you may need to make a couple purchases first to build up your ebay street credit. This credit or trust ranking is called feedback on ebay and people will rarely bid on an auction if the sell has low feedback.

Another way you can sell your cards is by using local classified or online classifieds websites. Although many people do use these services as a card swap they can be time consuming. Not only do you need to wait for someone to reply to the ad you post but you will also need to meet up with them to exchange the card for cash. If you place the ad in a small community your are unlikely to get any replies, however if you live in a larger community and place an ad you are likely to get a response but a new problem will emerge. If you are selling your gift card in Toronto and live in downtown Toronto and someone in Oakville or one of the other suburbs wants to buy your card than you might have to drive half an hour just to meet up and do the exchange. This can turn the relatively easy process of selling your card on a classifieds site into a huge hassle.

A new Canadian solution has surfaced that will let you swap your cards for cash. A new gift card trading site that originally began as a gift cardswap quickly evolved into an easy to use service that gives you cash for your cards. All you have to do is submit some details about you card, send it in and within 24hrs of your card being verified you will receive payment online (cheques are available by request). Why use a gift card swap when you can instantly turn your card into cash? In this day and age who has the time to wait for a buyer to appear and then hope your escrow payment is released? The simplicity of this server is what makes it so great you simply exchange your unwanted cards for cold hard cash.

With retailers no longer offering cash back for their cards it was only a matter of time before a secondary industry sprang up to service this issues for consumers. Luckily Canadians now have a variety of viable options for turning there card into cash. These services will only become more common until retailers step up and take some responsibility for the value on the cards they issue.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

ACS Student Loans

An ACS student loan is a loan that is serviced by the Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. It is a company known for outsourcing technology and business solutions. Universities across the country use the ACS student loan services because of the company's reputation for using technology to effectively handle some of the more difficult aspects of loan services.

ACS student loans allow students to make payments online, instantly be able to see the status of an account, make changes to personal details such as name and address, and also to be able to receive email notifications when a payment has been processed.

Many different programs for financial aid fall under the heading of an ACS student loan. One of the major ACS student loan groups is the Campus Based Student Loan Program (CBSL), which includes Federal Perkins Loans, Nursing Student Loans (NSL), and Institutional Loan Programs, among others. Another major group of educational loans handled by ACS is the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL), which includes the Stafford (GSL) Loans, PLUS loans to parents of students, and loan consolidation services. ACS also has the ability to handle many other groups of educational loans donated by a variety of private companies.

For those who do not already have an ACS student loan, applications and guidelines for different financial aid options are available online. The ACS website gives a clear example of how to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, and demonstrates what the results mean in terms of your eligibility for financial aid. Furthermore, applications for both Stafford and PLUS loans for parents can be found on the ACS website, and can be completed and sent in online.

If you are the holder of an ACS student loan already, you may be interested in knowing about the benefits of student loan consolidation. The ACS website provides information and application forms that could help you lock in a lower rate and reduce your monthly payment amount.

Some other tools that can help you with your ACS student loan are a repayment calculator, guidelines from the IRS about how to use your student loans for tax relief, and a glossary of important student loan-related terms.

All in all, an ACS student loan is one that will give the borrower plenty of ease and flexibility when it comes to loan servicing from application to repayment and consolidation. ACS works with a number of universities across the United States, including the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Vermont. Even if your specific university does not offer student loans handled by ACS, their website is a treasure trove of helpful tools and information, and well worth a look.

Disputing A Mortgage With A Qualified Written Request

As mentioned in a previous article, it can be very difficult for homeowners facing foreclosure to raise certain claims in court when the bank holding their loan has failed and been taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Case law and federal statute give the FDIC broad immunity against a number of claims that could be raised by borrowers in regards to loans held by the failed institution.

However, there are also a number of exemptions to the broad immunity the FDIC enjoys. Four of them are significant and worth examining here, as homeowners in foreclosure may be able to use them to bring claims against the FDIC or successor financial institutions.

The first is called fraud in the factum, and refers to any case when one party to a transaction reasonably relies on a misrepresentation by another party. The misrepresentation will be as to the character or essential terms of the contract. Examples include alteration of a document or forgery. The FDIC nor its successor institutions are immune to claims of fraud in the factum, so homeowners may be able to bring these issues into court.

Second, Truth in Lending rescission claims are still allowed despite the FDIC's immunity protection. In fact, the Truth in Lending Act states that a borrower's rescission rights continue regardless of assignment of the loan or to whom the loan is assigned. This means that, even if the lender fails and the note is taken over by the government, rescission may still be an option if the other requirements under the statute are met. FDIC receivership of the bank's assets will not affect the claim.

Also, the FDIC does not have immunity protection from any transaction that is void. The federal statute granting FDIC immunity is intended to protect the government's interests in assets is acquires from the failed banks. A void transaction, though, does not create an interest in an asset, and the immunity protection can not be extended to assets in which the FDIC has no valid interest. In cases such as fraud in the factum, the transaction may be declared void, for instance.

Finally, there is a rule called the FTC Holder Rule that was designed to protect credit consumers from holder-in-due-course immunity, such as the FDIC has been granted. For this rule to apply, though, an FTC Holder Notice must be included in the consumer credit contract. It will be included in many transactions relating to a sales transaction. This might be a home improvement contract or other similar agreement. If the notice is included in the contract, the FDIC's immunity may not apply.

While the above defenses to broad FDIC immunity have survived most course, other claims have survived in a smaller number of cases. These include such issues as breach of contract, failure of consideration, challenges to the validity of a lien, homestead issues, unreasonable foreclosure sale, and state statutes regarding Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices. Homeowners should do their own legal research to determine if their claims may survive, or consult with a competent foreclosure attorney.

When homeowners find that they have become a mortgage customer of the government, falling into foreclosure can become extremely complicated. While the FDIC has taken some steps to assist borrowers in stopping foreclosure, the agency is granted broad immunity from many claims that may have been used to defend against the loss of the home in the first place. Thus, borrowers should educate themselves in regard to the issues surrounding the FDIC's administration of mortgage loans and foreclosure.

Friday, June 8, 2012

401k Rollover To Ira

Some Questions To Think About

You are changing jobs and about to make a 401k rollover to IRA, of the traditional type. Before you make a 401k rollover to an IRA, let me ask you some questions and maybe give you a few things to think about.

Have you been happy with your returns over the last few years? Most 401ks are dependent on mutual funds and the volatile stock market. So, many people have not been happy to see their quarterly statements, lately.

They Could Have Been Smiling

If they had taken a 401k rollover to IRA, of the self-directed or self-managed type, they could have been smiling. You see, self-directing offers more investment options than the typical stocks, bonds and bank CDs. I am sure that somewhere along the line, someone told you to diversify, but they might have only meant to invest in a variety of different stock options, while keeping a little money in the safety of a bank CD or a government bond.

You Can Diversify

If you make a 401k rollover to an IRA that is truly self-directed, you can truly diversify. Sure, you can keep some stock market shares, particularly if you hold some of the blue-chips. But, you might also want to consider other, more unique investment options.

These days, if we want to secure our retirement, we need some more unique approaches. The average rate of return is no more than 5% per year. Do you know what the inflation rate for the next 20 years is expected to be? 5%.

Don't Continue On The Same Path

If you make a 401k rollover to an IRA and you continue to earn only 5%, then your account value really will not have grown in 20 years, because the buying power will be exactly the same. Of course, compounding interest can get you a little bit ahead in this numbers game, but imagine if you could earn 10, 20 30 percent or more over the next twenty years.

The Hidden Real Estate Market

If you make a 401k rollover to IRA and invest in real estate, you can easily see those kinds of returns. There is one sector of the housing market that is doing quite well, right now. You should learn more about this hidden real estate market before you make a 401k rollover to an IRA, if you want to be wealthy in 20 years, that is.

Here's a little more advice. Make sure that your 401k rollover to IRA is a direct-rollover or transfer. There's less paperwork involved and the transaction is not reported to the IRS.

The 60 Day Time Limit

A 401k rollover to an IRA that involves you as the middle man requires that all assets be liquidated and you only have 60 days to find a new custodial company. If you make a mistake, you could end up paying heavy taxes and penalties at the year's end.

You also might want to consider a 401k rollover to IRA of the Roth type. That way, you could accumulate tax-free wealth over the next 20 years and regardless of how much you took per year after retirement, you would never pay taxes. It's something to consider, at least.

How To Secure Home Loans With Bad Credit, Quickly And Simply

There is no escaping the fact that mortgages are the largest single debt that any one of us is likely to take on in life. Little wonder then that mortgage providers are so strict with their lending criteria. But does that mean that securing a home loan with bad credit is impossible? Thankfully, no.

There is a short list of criteria that really make a difference when it comes to securing mortgage approval. None of them relate to the credit score that an applicant has. Instead, they focus on an ability to make the required repayments, and proof that the repayments are affordable in the long term.

Once these two conditions are confirmed, then there is actually very little to prevent a mortgage provider approving your home loan application. Still, there are some factors that need to be considered before submitting an application for any kind of home finance.

What Bad Credit Actually Means

It is a mistake to think that a poor credit history is enough to turn lenders off granting approval. Anything may have happened in the past, but it is what is possible now that really matters. That is why applicants seeking home loans with bad credit have every chance of getting funding to buy a home.

Credit scores only affect the interest rate that is charged on a loan. The lower the score, the higher the interest rate. But while this can mean the repayments on a mortgage are higher, actually securing mortgage approval rests on proof of an ability to make the required monthly repayments.

Providing confirmation of full-time employment, and of having held that job for at least 6 months, is necessary. Confirmation of the income earned is also necessary, as the remuneration structure detailing bonuses or projected salary increases. With these in order, a home loan is more attainable.

Improving Mortgage Terms

Of course, with approval dependent on affordability, the chances of getting an home loan with bad credit can be ruined. However, it is also possible to improve the credit score, and to make approval much more likely.

This requires some careful planning in advance, but can make a significant difference. The most practical option is to take out a consolidation loan to clear the existing debts. This can help in securing mortgage approval by reducing the overall debt and the total monthly repayments, thus increasing the excess income.

However, be sure to agree terms that actually translate to savings. After all, if the debt-to-income ratio is healthy enough, then securing a home loan will not be a problem.

Mortgages For Renters Too

It is generally believed that the longer someone spends renting accommodation, the harder it becomes to get a home loan with bad credit. If your finances are in good shape anyway, then there is little trouble, but a bad credit borrower finds it harder. But there are options available to them too.

In reality, it comes down to proving that, for a protracted period of time, rent has been paid on a property and with no hitches. This establishes a history of making such repayments, and helps in securing mortgage approval even if other areas are not so impressive.

To do this, it is necessary to produce a rental book, and confirmation from your landlord that rental payments have been met consistently, thus highlighting that home loan repayments will be made on time.

How To Make Sure Your Ecommerce Website Data Transfer Is Secure

The first step to making your customers feel at ease when on your eCommerce website is to plan for and implement a secure setting in which their personal information is being transferred safely. With their assurance of safety, comes their business.

Encryption is a must for any eCommerce website looking to gather personal data. This includes social security numbers checking account information, phone numbers, etc. Obtaining SSL would let you be able to assure your customers that their information was safe.

SSL protocol, which is the Security Sockets Layer, uses an encryption code. When the client's information is transferred, the code is used to decipher the encryption. This will be a code that you, as the seller, will have. Make sure your server is only accessible to those who you have given permission. SSL certificates can be purchased online at companies such as Network Solutions, Globalsign and RapidSSL. SSL certificates with 128-bit is the one purchased quite a bit. This is because of the high level of security and data transfer capabilities. With the purchase of your certificate, you will receive a private and a public key.
The public key is used by the buyer when entering personal information, such as checking account information, online. You, the merchant, will use the private key to decode the information sent by the purchaser. Make sure you purchase the right certificate for your purposes. SSL certificates vary with the merchants' needs.

Another option would be using a payment gateway.
A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes payments for online business, retailers, and even the traditional land businesses. PayPal or iBill would perfect examples of payment gateways. They make sure that data is transferred from customer to merchant and from merchant to payment processor. The seller never has to see the customers' credit card or check information. This would be an even safer method of sending and receiving payment. The customer feels a bit more secure when sending through an established gateway such as PayPal.

If you intend to go with SSL protocol, the next step would be to obtain your customers' trust. This will be very hard to do with some buyers. There are customers who will shop online obsessively and don't mind entering their information if they see a VeriSign other secure payment options. Then there is the customer that will buy ever so often when seeing the signs, but doesn't really like to make purchases online because of having to use their credit card information. The latter are the ones you have to convince. You should make sure that your website contains as much information as possible about the payment method you have chosen. This will ensure your customer and they may be willing to give it try. Another way of making the customer feel confident in purchasing from your website would be to design your site so that it is easy to navigate and user friendly. Frustration is a sure way to lose a potential customer.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fsa Warns

The Insolvency Service has ordered Eco Global Markets to be put into provisional liquidation on public interest grounds. The petition was brought on behalf of Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) at Manchester Crown Court. The court has now appointed an administrator, who will help protect the company's assets, including third party funds and financial records on behalf of its creditors.

Investigators have been looking for some time at the activities of the firm and its offering of carbon credits as a lucrative investment product. Carbon credits are certificates given to business operators that allow them to release a certain amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Investing in carbon credits involves trading these certificates but many buyers are unaware that there are two types certified emission reductions (CERs) and voluntary emission reductions (VERs). UK investors are primarily offered VERs which are worthless on the open market because they are a voluntary standard and not officially recognised.

In the past couple of months the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has added 13 new firms to its list of companies suspected of mis-selling carbon credits.

Market for Carbon Credits Plunges

On Thursday last week the price of carbon credits dropped by 40 percent within a thirty-second trading period before regaining most of its losses. It hit a low of 2.81 per metric ton of carbon and rebounded back to 4 at the end of the day. The price remains far below the 20 to 30 price range that analysts believe is required to spur the type of clean investment needed by industry to reduce carbon emissions.

The European Trading System (ETS) that allows investing in carbon credits has become nearly irrelevant. A company that is ideologically opposed to the ETS scheme preferred to pay .4 million (892 million) more than it needed to meet its carbon obligations instead of engaging in carbon credits trading. The firm could have taken advantage of the a tonne price per carbon credit on May 31, but instead it made the standard payment per tonne to cover its dues for 73,575 tonnes of emission. According to sources of website Carbon News, the company is in the mining business and has implemented a firm policy of not taking part in the carbon market.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

After Hard Times A Bankruptcy Car Loan Can Be Your Best Ally

After hard times, a bankruptcy car loan can be your best ally. The quickest way to rebuild your credit score is by committing to an auto loan and making the payments in a responsible way.

A bankruptcy car loan can be the key factor in that fresh new start toward rebuilding your credit. In this article we will talk about the best way to use a car loan after bankruptcy as an answer to establishing your new financial future.

Use the Internet to find local auto dealers or an auto consultant, if you don't know of any, who will offer you special financing for a bankruptcy car loan. Not all dealers offer this service.

Visit a couple of these special financing dealerships and determine if it feels like a good fit for you. By asking a few questions you will get a feel of the type of people you will be working with. You want to work with someone who listens to you and helps you meet your needs and wants.

One source that most people don't think about for special financing is to look for an auto consultant that offers these services. Usually an auto consultant (not an auto salesman) is more willing to work with you and will listen to you instead of just trying to sell you a car today.

Bankruptcy can be emotionally tough on anyone. The dealership should treat you will compassion and understanding. They should appear eager and willing to help you just as they would help someone with a perfect credit score. Finding a special financing dealership that treats you with dignity will help give you peace of mind that they will get you the best deal possible.

Next, decide on a used car that suits your family's needs. Look for a car that has lower mileage and has been safety inspected and has a good history report. Take the car for a drive and see how it feels to you.

Before signing on the dotted line you want to make sure you can make the monthly payments easily each month. Take a look at your monthly income and be sure you have enough money every month for the payment, insurance and maintenance on the car.

Once you are confident that the bankruptcy car loan will work with the rest of your monthly bills, you are ready to sign the papers and move forward with your purchase.

As you drive your new used car off the parking lot know that getting a bankruptcy car loan is the greatest step you can take to rebuilding your financial future. Be sure and make all your payments on time, as this is one of the quickest ways to help rebuild your credit.

Monday, June 4, 2012

What's Really Happening With CFS Student Loans

While students figure out the simplest way to fund their studies, they ought to look at a variety of financing solutions. Private loans are used whenever federal loans, grants as well as other types of funding aren't adequate to pay for the entire expenses associated with education.

Being a market leader within the student loans and consolidation industry, Collegiate Funding has joined up with Chase. This new alliance between Collegiate Funding Services (CSL) along with Chase is certainly turning into a huge success and is today referred to as the Chase Student Loan (CSL).

A CSL is a credit-based private student loan that is accredited through your school's educational funding office. Your current school definitely will ask you to fill out a Free Federal Student Aid application to evaluate your loan qualifications.

Even though a cosigner is not required to make an application for a private student loan, they will assist you with your approval as well as enabling you to be eligible for a reduced rate of interest. Approximately 30 % of parents have invested in the 529-college-savings program.

The CSL is also used as a private loan, ideal for undergrad and graduate students who want to carry on with their studies. Students ought to initially select federal loans as a result of reduced interests. Having said that, more often than not federal loans aren't sufficient to pay for food, accommodation costs, textbooks etc.

Chase student loans (CSL) are usually targeted at individuals to lower their repayments. Acquiring a consolidation loan provides you with a single payment amount along with a static interest rate. You'll also be in a position to obtain this form of assistance using the CSL.

Advantages of the Chase Select Private Student Loan:
oIn-school deferment settlement is available, meaning that no repayments expected whilst you are still in school.
oZero application or settlement costs
oFinancial loans from 0 up to the fee associated with attendance (less some other aid), though not exceeding the amount certified through your own school
oMonies will be paid directly to your school

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What are the good sides of logbook loans?

Few people are every so lucky as to not be hit on with hard times. When someone is sick and misses a week or more of work, they often suffer financially by falling behind on their bills. Other people might take in a relative for a while to help them out with their hard times and end falling on their own financial difficulties. Paying for an extra mouth or two to eat, use the electricity and water add up, especially if the individual's income has not increased with the added family members.

There is hope and that is through a special kind of personal loan, a logbook loan. A logbook loan uses the equity in your vehicle to give you money you need now so you do not have to go to a bank and have them hold your house as collateral on a small loan. The logbook loans are for the value of your automobile and the proceeds can be used for anything the vehicle owner needs the money for.

Another benefit of a logbook loan is there is no credit check. Many people are concerned about their past credit history and their credit scores. If you need quick cash now and have a clear logbook on your vehicle, you may qualify for a logbook loan. One other qualification for obtaining a logbook loan is a full-time job or income that can be verified. This is so the individual can pay back the money.

One great thing about a logbook loan, beside no credit check, is that it's a quick process. There is so much less paperwork then a traditional loan from a bank in which they would no doubt ask for every piece of information regarding your life history. This is a lot of paperwork and a lot of time. With a logbook loan, there is much less paperwork and you get your money much quicker. This will help to take care of whatever type of emergencies or concerns the money is for and help put the individual's mind at ease.

When checking into getting a logbook loan, an individual needs to be sure they can handle another payment with their current bills. A logbook lender does not want to put someone in a financial burden because of a loan. If a vehicle owner's budget cannot be stretched enough to include another payment, then the logbook lender may deny them the loan.

Many of the logbook loans take 6 or more months to repay and there is no penalty for paying the loan off early. One other great thing about logbook loans is that many of the logbook lenders will report favorable payment histories to the credit bureaus. This may help those with bad credit pasts to get back on the right track with their credit.

Many banks and other financial institutions treat people like a number and do not really care about the individual borrowing the money or why they need the money so quickly. With a logbook lender, there are many who are local and really get to know their clients.

Real Estate Investment Companies Help Your Money Grow

It used to be said that there is no safer investment than real estate. If you have time to weather the ups and downs of the market, then land is still a very good long-term investment. But most people are starting to turn to real estate investment companies to get their money to grow. The great thing about buying land is that you can watch it appreciate and then sell it when you get close to retirement. When you utilize the services of real estate investment companies, then you are on your way to creating a very secure nest egg.

There are all kinds of real estate investment companies available online for you to consider. The important thing is to find one that gets involved in the kinds of transactions that you are interested in. One of the fastest growing trends these days is flipping residential homes. This is when you buy a home, fix it up and then sell it for a profit. It sounds easy, but it is a business best left to the professional real estate investment companies. But if you want your money to grow, then this is not a bad kind of venture to invest in.

Commercial real estate investment companies still represent the gold standard of putting your money into property. When you get involved with commercial real estate investment companies that know what they are doing, you can stand to make a significant return on your investment. These are the organizations that buy and lease the office spaces of the world. If you have always wanted to put your money into a Manhattan office complex, then these are the professionals that you want to get in touch with.

If you want to know what kind of business you would be getting into with property investment, then start doing some research online. There are plenty of reputable online courses you can purchase that will show you everything you need to know to understand putting your money into land. This is a smart move because you never want to start getting involved in something without really knowing what you are doing. A little preliminary research will allow you to understand what the experts are talking about and help you to also take part in those conversations.

The world of real estate investment companies is exciting and constantly changing. The experts spend all day long hunting down that next deal that will appreciate over time. If you are truly interested in watching your money grow, then you will want to start talking to developers about investing your money. When the right transaction is made, it can bring you back big returns.

Property is still a safe investment and there are plenty of real estate transactions happening every day around the world. Take some time to do your homework and then get your extra cash to work for you. It can take time to see the results of a real estate purchase, but those results can be well worth it when they finally start to come in.