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Why Buyers Shouldn't Depend on Emotions When Purchasing Portland Homes for Sale

In order to maximize profits, houses being sold by realtors usually undergo refurbishing and renovation in order to look as presentable as possible in the eyes of potential buyers of Portland real estate. Most of these house have been subjected to an overall inspection and repairs of all the major defects that were found when they were first bought by the seller. After these basic procedures, they would be sold at a price higher than the amount they were initially bought. Potential homebuyers then choose a house that they can buy and then take all the needed steps to make sure that they are making a good home purchase. However, there are still some cases wherein some buyers end up in a remorse in spite of all the attention that they have given during the buying process. This scenario usually happens when the home buyer had some misunderstandings with the seller or the buyer met an agent that is hard to communicate with. There are also cases wherein flaws and imperfections have been found after closing the deal, which makes it hard to make arrangements regarding the repairs. However, these kinds of mistakes could have been avoided if the emotional involvement that most buyers experience have been fully controlled.

A buyer's emotional attachment can become a big hindrance to see all the potential risks and impending problems, since most of them could not help but become very excited in finally owning a house they actually bought, whatever the agent or the seller says. Usually, sellers avoid prolonging the procedures because they want buyers to close the deal with them during the time when they are most excited or when they are most emotionally involved. Sellers know that the excitement experienced, most specially by first-time home buyers, is a factor that makes them overlook some important procedures that could help them avoid a home buying mistake. This only shows that relying on emotions can actually go against you. So this means that instead of depending on what you feel, it is better to rely on logic.

Being logical can save you from a home buying remorse. No matter how beautiful the house is or how good the location is, it doesn't mean that it is the perfect one for you and that you have to close the deal right away. Whenever buyers tend to take shortcuts in the buying process, this is where the problems tend to come in unnoticed. To avoid these, you should be as logical as possible in going through the procedures. Remember that there is more than what meets the eye or better yet, there is a lot more behind what the seller or the agent is telling you. Your own personal scrutiny and your critical eye should be applied. Never make haste in closing the deal but rather, take time to be certain that you are making the right decisions when buying Portland homes for sale.

Canon Pixma Mx850 Printer Overview

The Canon PIXMA MX850 is an all-in-one printer. This one machine features a printer, copier, scanner and fax. You can save time and money without having to sacrifice image quality or advanced technology.

High quality images
As both a printer and a copier the PIXMA MX850 produces high quality documents and photos. It features 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution and 1 picolitre FINE print-head technology. As a scanner, the PIXMA MX850 scans both documents and photos at up to 4800 x 9600 dpi.

Photo printing
The PIXMA MX850's printer function is photo-friendly in a number of ways. ChromaLife 100 ink, used by the PIXMA MX850, was developed especially for printing professional-grade photos. A 4 x 6-inch photo can be printed in about 21 seconds. Photos can be printed directly from compatible memory cards, cameras and mobile phones. Enhancing this feature is the printer's 2.5" LCD screen for viewing the photos before printing.

Canon's PIXMA MX850 printer is efficient in terms of both time and money. Money saving features include individual ink tanks, so you pay to replace only the colour that has run out. It also meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency, which is both environmentally friendly and economical.
Save time with the Auto Duplex Scan feature, which automatically scans both sides of a double-sided document. Similarly, the PIXMA MX850's copier features Auto Duplex Copy for automatically copying two-sided documents. No need to manually flip the page over.

In terms of speed, the PIXMA MX850 all in one printer can copy and print up to 31 pages per minute in black and white and 24 pages per minute in colour. It also features a 35-page high-speed document feeder for use when faxing, scanning and copying.

The Canon PIXMA MX850 printer is capable of sending colour faxes, and can also transmit faxes from your PC. You won't lose a fax even if your ink runs out because the PIXMA has the memory capacity to store 250 pages worth of data. For added convenience, you can store up to 100 numbers for speed dialing.
Other noteworthy features

Network connectivity sets this all-in-one apart from its competitors. Through an Ethernet connection, the Canon PIXMA MX850 can be connected to a network for use by multiple computers.

Two paper trays allow you to easily switch back and forth between two kinds of paper. For example, you could load one tray with 150 sheets of photo paper and the other with 150 sheets of plain paper. The PIXMA MX850 is compatible with a variety of media. For example, it can be used to print directly onto CDs and DVDs with printable surfaces.

Canon's PIXMA MX850 is suitable for use both at home or in the office. A combination of speed and automated functions make document handling simple and efficient. Consistent image quality across all four of its major functions means the PIXMA MX850 is capable of handling all of your photo and document needs. This multifunction device combines the top copying, scanning, faxing and printing technology all into one machine.

This article was brought to you by Canon Australia - Visit the PIXMA printer home page for more information.

About Canon
Canon Australia is a leading provider of advanced, simple-to-use imaging solutions for businesses and consumers. Canon's Australian R&D company, CiSRA, develops customised solutions for local customers, and exports digital imaging technologies for use in Canon products worldwide. Canon has ranked among the top-three US patent recipients for the past 16 years, and had global revenues of around $ US39 billion in 2007. Canon Australia also operates Canon Finance Australia, which offers one-stop shopping for customers wanting leasing or finance services. For more information, visit

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What to Expect in an Online Masters in Finance Degree

If you are interested in moving into the very complex and complicated world of financial advising and investing then an advanced level degree needs to be in your future. In order to continue to work and gain valuable experience in this very exciting field taking an online Masters in Finance is a great option. In this type of course, which is designed for the currently working professional, you will use real world application, data and information to make the coursework relevant to your actual career.

Typically most students enrolled in an online Masters in Finance degree should expect to spend between fifteen to twenty hours per week in study. This can include reading, online work with your cohort group and instructors, watching streaming videos or presentations and responding to posts, forums and discussions. Although many people assume that an online program is rather isolated, there is a requirement that students interact with each other as well as with faculty, really enhancing understanding and the learning process. For many students this adds to the motivation to get work done and also provides excellent networking possibilities with other working professionals in the same field.

As with traditional types of classes an online Masters in Finance degree will include completion of a variety of individual and group projects, requirements to log in and comment on class discussions and forums as well as examinations, quizzes and research projects. Each course will have its own requirement as per assignments and work, just like in a traditional university or college learning environment. Classes begin at staggered times during the school year and several programs offer three to five start times per year. Classes run eight weeks with most students that are working full time taking one course per the eight week session. There may be options, pending your schedule, to take more than one course and graduate earlier, but this depends on the specific guidelines established by the school.

Students will take core courses and electives in the online Master in Finance degree. The program of study is done completely online with no requirement for in person training to complete the degree. Classes typically include topics such as ethics and professional standards, understanding international trade and portfolio management, fixed income and derivates, financial statement analysis and equity analysis.

Since the online faculty strives to provide online students with the same level of interaction and educational opportunities the classes are intentionally kept small, even though they are really virtual classes. Students can interact with the instructor and are actually encouraged to ask questions, post discussions and become involved in the elearning experience. The instructors are typically more than just academics; they are also well known and respected professionals in the field of finance and investment. The real world experience that they bring to their classes provides students with scenarios, applications and ideas about how to handle a wide variety of different situations.

Once students have completed their core course and their elective in the online Masters in Finance degree they are then prepared to take the CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst examination. This is done over and above the educational coursework and degree offered by the online university. This exam is developed, administrated, scored and monitored by the CFA Institute which is nationally and internationally recognized. While not all graduates of the Master's program will go on to complete the exam many will, enhancing their professional resume and opening job opportunities within the investment and financial world.

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Apps for Real Estate Agents

Keep up to date with the latest applications for your smartphone. Real Estate Agent top tools and tricks . Are you a tech savvy Agent? With these Apps you will be able to utilize technology to your advantage and stay ahead of the competition. Not only will you save time, you will save money. Good luck! and stay in touch as I will be posting more helpful ideas.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is becoming a must have tool for anybody in business. Have your files available to you anytime anywhere, this is a Real Estate Agents top time saving tool.

Every platform that I am aware of now supports Dropbox , holding your files on a virtual "cloud". The application is neatly installed on your computer as a separate file folder similar to My Documents. An individual can login from any computer in the world to access all their files. Also, a convenient App is installed on the mobile device and/or tablet for full access to all the files while on the go.

Can you remember a time that you tried to send an email attachment but couldn't because it was so big? Give permission for another person to access Dropbox or a folder in your Dropbox. Think of the possibilities when you need to get your administrator or another Agent a file when you are out of the office.

For REALTORS® to experience Dropbox's full benefits, I suggest a 1-800 fax service that allows anyone to send you a fax directly to your email in a PDF format. I use it to send myself all of my Real Estate deals and then organize them by deal in a folder in Dropbox.

Dropbox is convenient, quick to access and by far the top tool I use to organize my business. Time is money and this App saves me both.

2. Turbo Scan

At first I was apprehensive about using my mobile device as a scanner; thinking, what kind of quality would come from the camera on my phone? With Turbo Scan I was impressed; not only was the quality good but the App was designed with ease of use in mind.

I was impressed when used this App to scan one page documents and easily email them to other Real Estate Agents or my Admin department;. the convenience was amazing and the quality encouraged me to start using this to scan full offers 10+ pages long. after, I was able to save it into Dropbox with ease.

Want to save more time and money? Try Turbo Scan, a Real Estate agents top tool.

3. Open Home

I have been using this App for my iPad for about six months. This App allows you to use your iPad as a guest registry. Turbo Scan gives you the freedom of creating your own personalized questions. Open Home even emails the potential lead, letting them know you appreciated them attending your open house.

One feature that was lacking from this useful App was the ability to sync the information from the App with your Contacts on your device. This has been now improved as of January 2013! The newest feature with dropbox is the ability to sync your leads with your contacts folder. If you have iCloud set up you will be synced across all your devices!. *HINT: by installing a smart group in you contacts on your Mac it will allow you to easily organize all your open house leads into their own folders.

Now you can show you Clients and other Real Estate Agents that you are one of the most tech savvy agents out there. This App will also help you organize your leads and help you stay on top of following up with them.

Stay Tuned for more top Real Estate Agent Apps!

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Easy Methods To Reduce Your Financial Outlay Relating To Automobile Finance This Season

Obtaining an auto loan when you're an undergraduate is a fantastic technique to obtain a car or truck and show credit ranking for future years. Step one shall be to decide what sort of car / truck that you want to be acquiring. Want a brand new, or secondhand car / truck. Once you have established which kind of vehicle have to have, the next matter you'll have to contemplate is what kind of expenditures you can afford. In addition how much should these payments end up being? Insurance might be more substantial for college students based upon what their ages are.

After you might have these things in position, you are all set to sign up for the car or truck loan. Once looking for just about any funding ensure you browse through the entire lender's terms and then make certain you entirely comprehend every item you're putting their signature to. Based on your credit standing, or dearth thereof a cosigner may well be needed, so you may well want to have 1 in your mind just in case it's required. Should you find this method daunting you may want to take a member of the family to help. Financing terms fluctuate so be certain that the monthly payment and duration of installments will be something you might be happy to endure. You may well desire to research rates to uncover the most effective lending product suitable for you. The 1st loan you might be shown isn't always the most effective. For any high school students that are now hoping to get a car, it is really a very good period to begin looking into car and truck loans. For instructional transportation your vehicle is a need to have for every individual. You have to get yourself both to and from class each day. Your vehicle is really a fantastic option for you. The principal issue for most university students is producing the funds to cover an auto. In spite of changes in the overall economy it really is not quite as difficult as you might think. Companies and local banks exist and prepared to supply you with an automobile loan. Considering the chore of going to class every week, it may possibly be challenging for college students to retain a full-time 9 to 5. There's much more than one benefit to getting an undergraduate automobile loan. The financial loan will likewise aid to build or improve a person's credit worthiness. Every time you pay on your loan it contributes greatly to enhance your credit scores. One good aspect related to any such financing, which can be extremely helpful to people, is they do not have to have seriously costly monthly payments whenever trying to pay back the loan.

Financial institutions offer safeguarded auto loans that enable them to not ever end up with a dilemma financing money to university students who have poor credit or even little credit rating. The car procured by the college student is applied as a guarantee for the remaining amount owed on the amount financed. When bills are not coughed up, the finance company is going to repossess the car or truck and flip it and get their money back.

Periodically we might find our life in a predicament whereby we're in desperate demand for a vehicle. There are plenty of finance companies that proclaim that they will grant a line of credit to folks it doesn't matter how bad his or her credit standing has become. While at first glance, it sounds as if they are being magnanimous and trying to help out those who are in a bind, this may not be always the way it is.

Automobile dealers who guarantee financing must be staved off. Of course they will likely deliver all people financing, and yet the apr is often inflated.

Today even more than in the past consumers tend to be conscious of any dollar they expend. Considering the age of the online world comparison shopping is simpler than previously, but it's furthermore more challenging than in the past. Less-than-perfect credit can easily exclude you from many points from an automobile or property finance loan, or even just a bank checking account. There's lots of very bad credit automobile loan companies that provide finance for men or women with blemishes and flaws in his or her history of credit. The discrepancy relating to financier guidelines could really be the tipping point of a low price. Do not let the cheapest finance offer you are given be your first arrangement. It's best to look around and evaluate car loans interest rates, as financing is often step 1 to repairing a few of the problems on a person's history of credit in addition to getting back on the path to a favorable credit record. Watch for a borrowing arrangement with a more affordable annual percentage rate. A good number of loan creditors will deny a customer who has an adverse credit history. If the individual is able to exhibit improvement on their own credit worthiness loan companies could be more likely to help them to slash car finance interest rates and offer a long term line of credit. Be sure that the car loan works for you by paying it off and reversing your credit impairment.

Don't forget that the least difficult means to get monetary savings is to research rates. Check around and search and evaluate car loan interest rates.

Explore Tri-cities Real Estate Properties Before You Plan To Settle Down

Much has been talked and written about the east TN homes or real estate in east Tennessee in the United States. These custom home sites have been witnessing exponential growth for several years, and now the luxurious condos and housing properties are attracting a large number of people to settle down with their families. There are many reasons to buy east TN real estate that is not just a home but an experience to live with whole community.

The whole region of tri cities (Johnson City, Kingsport and Bristol) is full of marvelous natural surrounding. The greenery landscapes and smoky mountainous panorama of Tennessee attracts people all the time. This natural treasure has encouraged people to have their own homes on this beautiful piece of land. This is the reason why real estate business has been growing here so fast. In the east of tri cities, luxurious lakefront homes are easily available at an affordable cost for the needy people.

Those who believe that only populated areas have greater advantages of man made amenities would be proved wrong as tri cities TN real estate properties are well equipped with the modern facilities and conveniences. The supportive neighborhoods, education facilities, parking areas, sports grounds, pools, fire pit, transportation facilities, etc. are attracting people to have their dream homes in east Tennessee. Here, the condominium communities offer the camaraderie of neighborhoods along with basic amenities and community living. It is home to Johnson City and East Tennessee State University. Furthermore, the Tri Cities Regional Airport is situated within a comfortable distance.

Kingsport condominiums are available into different sizes and prices. By going through the offers of homes for sale in tri cities, you can view the amenities of condominiums in terms of quality construction, high-quality hardwood flooring, tile, lighting, stainless steel appliances, granite kitchen counter tops, etc. The tri cities TN real estate online portals are always open to help people seeking a comfortable and luxurious home property at reasonable cost.

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Instant Unsecured Personal Loans: A Guide To Getting $5,000 With Bad Credit

Much as we like to think a small loan at least is always within reach, traditional lenders tend not to think in the same way. They have far more conservative attitudes, ultimately spoiling our plans of securing extra finances when we most need them. But there is a way to secure instant unsecured personal loans despite having poor credit scores. The very fact that instant approval with bad credit is attainable can seem strange, especially since lenders are clearly taking on a huge risk by granting them. What should be remembered, however, is that not all lenders take such a stark view of poor financial positions.

What is also important to realize is that small unsecured personal loans, from ,000 to ,000, are not impossible to get. It is just a matter of constricting a strong enough application and approaching the right lender.

Constructing The Right Application

So, what is required to construct a loan application that is strong enough to make approval likely? After all, instant unsecured personal loans are not available on request. Lenders everywhere have criteria, and meeting them is the first step.

The basic loan criteria are well known. Applicants must be over 18, must be either a US citizen or a legal long-term resident, and must be in full-time gainful employment. After that, getting instant approval with bad credit comes down to proving that the loan is affordable.

This means that the debt-to-income ratio is healthy. The ratio measures the amount of existing debt compared to the income earned every month. Lenders have a limit of 40:60, meaning no more than 40% of income can be committed to repaying loans, including the new unsecured personal loan. Improving the ratio is done by clearing some or all existing debts, usually through a consolidation loan.

The Issue of Security

So, why is security such an issue anyway? Collateral provides security that can convince a lender to grant an instant unsecured personal loan. So, why do some applicants not provide the collateral necessary to guarantee approval?

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, an applicant may not have anything to offer as collateral that matches the value of the loan. This is certainly true for large loans, of perhaps ,000 or more, but should not be a problem for small loan of ,000.

But even when seeking instant approval with bad credit, applicants may not want to put any possessions of value up as collateral. This is because they could be lost should there be any difficulty in making repayments in the future. Therefore, they prefer to seek an unsecured personal loan, not a secured one.

Loan Type Options

So, what are the loan types on offer? And which one is the best to choose? Well, there are several options to consider when seeking small or medium-sized instant unsecured personal loans. The most common is a payday loan, but online lenders offer other choices.

A payday loan is the most likely for instant approval with bad credit since approval is based on an upcoming paycheck. However, the interest is extremely high (35%), and repayment period very short (30 days), and loan limit quite low (,500).

Online lenders offer no credit check loans of between ,000 and ,000, with competitive interest and longer-term loans (up to 7 years). A greater amount of interest may be paid over that time, but it also means the monthly repayments on the unsecured personal loan are lower and much more affordable.

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The Features and Benefits of Hooked on Phonics

If you are searching for a reading program to teach your children how to read then you need a well-researched and highly interactive program that will surely address your children's needs. Hooked on phonics is a type of reading program that uses that learn-practice-play approach to teach kids of all ages how to read. It is a complete guide to every parent who wishes to teach their children how to read even before the child goes to school.
This program uses phonics as a main method for teaching kids how to read. Phonics is basically the method to teach reading by making use of sounds. The child is taught the sound of each letters and how to read them when combined together to form words, phrases and sentences. The progression of the lesson will definitely be dependent on the ability of the child to absorb learning and master the level that he or she is in.
You will find out in most hooked on phonics reviews that most parents and teachers really like this program because first and foremost it is research-based. This means that the formulation of the activities, methods of teaching and materials are depending on known facts as well as reliable data. This only proves how effective the program will be on each individual child.
Their approach in teaching children how to read is very systematic. Their approach is simple; they make use of a practical 3 step method which is to learn, to practice and to play.
Learning allows the child to develop new skills and concepts. This means that for each lesson they will learn a new idea about how to enhance their reading prowess. After absorbing the skill, the best way to test learning is through practical application. That is where practice session enters to allow them mastery of the newly learned skill. To reinforce the knowledge, the kids will be given some fun activities that helps them practice as well as remember the new ideas and concepts learned from the session.
The good thing about this program is that kids learn while they are having fun. The activities are very interactive and will certainly let the kids enjoy while in each session . The materials like flash cards, picture stories and others are bright, vibrant and colorful which make them appealing to the children. Each session runs about 20 minutes which is just right for the short attention span that most kids have. It is long enough for them to absorb the learning and short enough to gain their undivided attention towards the lesson.
There are different lessons and skill sets to be learned for each learning level. The child can start as early as the age of 3 in using this program. Event adults who have yet to learn how to read can make use of this program depending on their reading level. There is no specific hooked on phonics adults program, but you can certainly learn a lot from all the different lessons in this entire reading program.

Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

How To Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

It's an unfortunate truth in our society today, most people live beyond their means. They live off of credit which may work fine for a while, but the simplest thing such as an illness or job loss will completely push them over the edge financially. That has happened to many people during this current economic downturn. Even if it wasn't your fault that you got sick or lost your job, living off of credit will ruin your financial situation if you have to file for bankruptcy. In order to get your feet back under you financially, there are some things you can do to avoid personal bankruptcy.

The time to take control of your finances is right now. The longer you wait, the further out of control things will become. This isn't going to be a quick or easy thing to fix. You will likely have to face some less than pleasant truths about the way you handle your money.

For one thing, stop using credit. Period. You should cut up all of your cards expect one. Now I know that many people will say that that is bad advice since it will hurt your credit score. Yes, cutting up your credit cards will have a negative impact on your credit score, but for the short term, so what? If you're considering bankruptcy you're already in trouble and you really don't need more credit at this point anyway. Cut them up so you don't use them and make a bad situation even worse.

Next, take stock of your overall finances. If you take a long hard look at your spending habits you will probably find that you have one or more weak areas where you spend a lot of money. Once you figure out where your budget is bleeding, you can patch it up.

For example, let's say that once you sit down and take a long look at your spending habits you find that you are spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars a month on eating out. Once you know that, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly. No one is saying you shouldn't ever eat out again but you might be able to cut back and eat more dinners at home, or you might choose less expensive restaurants and / or meals.

Once you've found a weak area in your budget and you find a way to plug that hole, you will have a little extra money every month. The next step is to take that money and invest it in paying down a debt. Start with your lowest balance credit card first. Instead of only making minimum payments every month add the amount you saved on your budget to that credit card payment.

once you have that small card paid off, start on the nest larger one. Now you can not only apply the left over money from your budget to your monthly payment you can also add the amount you were paying on the first credit card that you just paid off. Just keep doing this over and over and before you know it you will have all your credit cards paid off.

You can use this same principle for paying off your car loans and mortgages too. This method will take time and a little bit of discipline, but it is something that anyone can do.

If you want to avoid personal bankruptcy you will have to take control of your spending. It's very easy to fall into bad habits, but you can recognize those bad habits and learn to make better choices. Good luck.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Benefits Of Having Weather Stations For Home And Personal Use

Have you ever considered the idea of weather stations for home and personal use? There are certainly a number of great benefits for having a modern weather stations set up within your own home, not least because they are now very easy to install, have all sorts of features, and are extremely good value as well.

One of the best things about these home weather stations is the fact that you will constantly be updated as to fluctuations in weather patterns in your exact area. Outside weather sensors will regularly transmit information about the current weather to an attractive display which is set up anywhere within your house. You can check on this display at any time in order to see exactly what the weather is going to be doing.

These weather stations will therefore allow you to keep up-to-date with any bad weather that might be approaching. This can be extremely useful, particularly if you have a specific outdoor task that you need to get done. You can gather together information that will help you maintain your garden, your pond or aviary, your greenhouse, and any bits of furniture that you might have outdoors. If the weather station says that there is going to be a sudden downpour, then surely you would like to be warned about this so that you can bring in any outdoor chairs that you have outside your home?

Of course, on top of all this, you can gain a decent understanding of how the weather is interpreted and what exactly drives it. At the end of the day, or whether will provide the background for all sorts of outdoor recreational activity, and therefore the better your understanding, the more you will be able to enjoy yourself on any occasion.

All of the features that you might want from your home weather station can be purchased in a very easy to install package. It is best to look online for some options that you could choose from, and find out about the various features on offer with each one.

Of course, the price will also vary between the different products that you look at as well. Depending upon the features of the home weather station, you may be able to get something for as low as about 0. However, as with anything else in life, you certainly do get what you paid for, and therefore you are more likely to find something of high quality starting at the 0 mark and above.

Certainly, that is not to say that the lower priced home weather stations are going to be completely ineffective. They will still function in many of the same ways as the higher priced models, but if you have a little bit more money to play with, it would certainly be advisable for you to invest a little bit of extra finance into the product.

If you are interested in getting a home weather station for your house, therefore, it would certainly be a good idea for you to read into it a little bit further to expand your knowledge and get a greater understanding of whether or not you may want to proceed with your interest.

Delete Nco Financial From Your Credit

NCO Financial has been in business since the early 1920's. They are headquartered in Pennsylvania.

They collect for accounts related to education, utilities, financial services and others. They are world wide with over 140 operation centers spread through 9 different countries.

If you have a notation on your credit report from NCO Financial then you credit score has been damaged. You should remove this notation from your report in order to improve your score.

To remove this listing I suggest you dispute it with the credit bureaus. To do this a dispute letter must be sent to the credit bureaus.

In this letter you must explain why the notation is incorrect. For example; account is paid, not my account, amount is wrong and etcetera.

Once the credit bureaus receive this letter and deem it valid an investigation will begin. During an investigation the credit bureau will contact NCO Financial and ask them to confirm the details on the notation.

Often notations are removed once an investigation begins. This is because nco financial and other business are un willing to spend the time and money verifying an uncollectible debt. Thus the credit bureau will then remove the notation from your report.

However the difficulty is to get the credit bureaus to actually conduct the investigation. This is because it costs the credit bureaus money to investigate, so they are resistant to the dispute process.

Credit bureaus will often respond to a dispute letter by asking for more information regarding the notation, regardless of their need for it. This happens because the bureaus want to frustrate the individual and have them give up on the dispute.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act passed by congress in the early 1970's is a piece of legislation to help you the consumer. This law says that bureaus must investigate disputes and if the investigation shows that the listing is inaccurate or unverifiable then if must be removed from your credit report.

If the debt that nco financial is attempting to collect on is legitimate then you should settle the debt. When you settle this debt you need to send NCO a letter offering a settlement.

In this settlement letter, I strongly encourage you to get in writing from NCO that they will remove the negative listing in exchange for your payment. If you do not get this then you will be forced to dispute the negative listing later.

You should settle this debt for only a fraction of the total amount due. The reason for this is because with all the late fees and penalties your balance has been inflated. Furthermore NCO bought your debt for only pennies on the dollar. Just so you know an inaccurate amount due, is grounds to dispute a listing.

In sum, I recommend first disputing the listing before you make any efforts to settle the debt. If you only have one negative mark on your credit file then conduct the disputes yourself, however if you have multiple marks then I suggest a professional credit repair service.

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Internet Piracy and Payday Loans

So you want the latest music release, but you've run out of credits on iTunes. It's on all of your friend's iPods, you know they got it illegally off the internet, and now you are tempted to do the same. Before rushing off into the seedy world of internet piracy, there are a few things you may want to know that could keep you from incurring costs that force you to the payday loan office.

There are many arguments out there for and against the ethics of illegal downloading. Some argue that it is blatant thievery, a complete disrespect for the law, and should be punished to the full extent. It is no surprise that most of these sentiments are vocalized by record company executives and musicians. These people generally claim that by downloading music illegally, internet users are stealing musician's hard work and taking away opportunities from up and coming talent. On the other hand, many argue that taking 99 cents from a multi-millionaire can hardly be seen as stealing, and that such arguments fail to understand that the majority of a band's money is made through concerts. Those who take this side tend to cast record executives as greedy capitalists who should be undermined for the greater good. Neither of these sides ever really focuses on the pragmatics of illegal downloading, which can be far more compelling of an argument.

Illegal downloading can save you money in the short term, as you can acquire movies, music etc. freely. However, should you get caught, be aware that the fines for illegal downloading are very high. A student in Boston was recently fined 5,000 for downloading and sharing thirty songs on the internet, and a woman in Minnesota was fined .9 million for illegally downloading 24 songs. We are likely to see more of these staggering fines imposed on illegal downloaders, as lawyers and executives are cracking down on the growing problem of internet piracy. The fees per song range from the relatively minor 0 to the major ,000. This is much more than any payday lender will advance you, so should you find yourself in this situation you may have to look elsewhere for help.

In addition to the legal costs of downloading pirated music and movies, you stand the very real chance of being stuck with computer costs as well. File sharing networks are notorious havens for computer viruses. These can range from the relatively benign to the entirely destructive. Even benign viruses can require a trip to the Geek Squad for those of us who are not experts in the field. A simple virus may be gone with a few clicks of a button, but more sophisticated ones will require you to reformat and reinstall your operating system or, even worse, require you to replace your computer completely. Although the latter situation is rare, it can and does happen. Thus, when confronted with the temptation to download music illegally off the internet, you need decide whether the immediate savings of 99 cents is worth the possibility of having to take out a cash advance to cover the costs of a new computer.

While several arguments abound for the ethics of internet piracy, the practical consequences can be much more compelling of a reason to keep away from such sites. Saving a couple dollars is just not worth the financial and legal trouble you could find yourself in.

Get The Best Online Deals In India Through Online Shopping Websites

Online shopping in India, although in its nascent stages, is powerful enough to generate revenue worth Rs. 1,180 crores and enjoys a growth rate of about 30% year-on-year. While cities like Mumbai, and Delhi form a bulk of the online shoppers, internet users in smaller towns and cities too are opening up to the idea of shopping online.

A recent survey on women has revealed that a huge number of women choose the internet for shopping, especially when shopping for books. With major cellular providers planning to launch 3 G services, online shopping is all set to make inroads.

Gone are the days when the credit card was used only to book air and train tickets. Today, practically anything and everything can be bought and sold over the internet. From flowers, firecrackers, designer wear, electronics and sweetmeats, you name it and there's a website that offers to sell it. While the credit card remains the most popular mode of payment, a few websites do accept debit cards and PayPal.

While Indians were always aware of the benefits of shopping online, they were more wary of the risks involved in online shopping. A few web portals, in an attempt to assure the shopping community, have come up with services like live online support', cash-on- delivery' and customer friendly refund policies.

Generation X forms a major chunk of the online shopping community and hence online shopping websites often target this crowd through attractive deals on electronic gadgets like mobile phones, watches, laptops, and cameras. Thanks to these websites, it now possible to find the latest gadgets at dirt cheap rates.

Another hot seller on the internet is fashion. From the latest designer wear saris to accessories and perfumes, websites sell every little knick knack related to fashion.

And while there's a website that sells originals, there are websites that sell rip-offs. You can buy an ICon, if you can't afford an IPhone, or buy Ribok if you cannot afford an original Reebok!

But how do online users determine if they are offered a genuine deal or are being taken for a ride? Sadly, there aren't many forums for users, to connect with each other and decide on the latest deals available across online shopping websites.

A few web portals have now emerged to serve as a platform for users to discuss about daily deals and coupons. Users also get to share the best deals available on the internet. In short, these websites are a one stop shop for online shoppers looking for discounts and freebies.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Benefits Of Hiring A 3rd Party Background Check Company

Pre-employment background checks are more than just a way of avoiding bad hires; they're also corporations' best bet for beating negligence court cases. This article reviews why more and more corporations are hiring third party employee background check companies, rather than conducting background checks in-house. Read on to discover the benefits corporations enjoy by outsourcing their employment background checks.

1. Increased applicant privacy.

If an internal employee does your employee background checks, workplace drama can ensue. New hires will be less likely to trust their co-workers charged with employment background screening duties. Third party background checks go a long way in preventing mistrust and gossip. Moreover, they show applicants and employees that you are dedicated to even-handed, fair treatment.

2. Less chance for expensive mistakes.

Did you know that some states require employees to provide applicants with a copy of their employment background screening, even if it's not specifically requested? Or that it's illegal to base a hiring decision on court cases that did not result in convictions? Your company could be sued if you fail to follow the letter of the law as far as employee background checks are concerned. Yet few HR managers have the time or legal expertise to avoid all potential background check lawsuits. For this reason, increasing numbers of companies are outsourcing their employment background screening to vendors who have spent decades focused on these issues. Doing so typically results in fewer costly hiring mistakes.

3. Legal protection.

Beyond preventing legal mistakes, outsourcing background screening also grants companies exemption from lawsuits. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) promises legal immunity for companies that choose to outsource their employment background checks. In other words, your company can avoid lawsuits citing hiring negligence, privacy invasion, and defamation if you outsource your background procedures.

Still, it's notable that the FCRA still requires companies to notify candidates if they are investigating credit history. Therefore, it's smart to ask your employee background screening vendor whether they offer forms for applicant notification.

4. Decreased costs.

It would likely take a full-time employee months to research how to legally, respectfully, thoroughly carry out employment background checks. Then, it might take them another few months to locate the investigative resources needed to methodically do employment background screening.

In contrast, third-party, professional background check companies have already developed the understanding and resources needed to effectively run employment background checks, so they can typically deliver the same (or improved) results at a lower cost.

5. More meticulous background checks.

Because professional background check companies specialize in labor investigations, they usually have excellent sources for examining individuals' history. Having spent hundreds of hours perfecting their screening approach, professional background check companies can typically deliver more thorough investigations than can be achieved in-house.

6. Improved service.

Because they are investigative experts, background check companies offer extra features for their clients, such as adverse action letters. The law states that if you choose not to hire someone based on characteristics such as credit history, you must inform his or her in writing about your decision. An adverse action letter fulfills this duty. Many employment background vendors offer complimentary adverse action letters as part of their employee screening service, saving you time.

There are many reasons for outsourcing your employee background screening process, from lowered costs to improved legal immunity.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Distressed Florida Commercial Real Estate Options Is Excellent Reasons To Stay Peeled On The Market

There are many curious individuals which include potential investors who are looking to learn more about what the Florida commercial real estate has in store for them now that the state has been looking towards better days as people all across the region have began to dust off the dirt from the recession's aftermath.

Well, as far as potential investments and opportunities are concerned, people should still be able to find that the Florida commercial real estate market has not lost any of its appeal and aptitude. In fact, with added experience and wisdom to boot, it might even be safe to say that Florida has come back bigger and better than ever before.

However, we live in a world were life is not necessarily fair and there are always options that are available to some that are not so available to others, evenand most especiallywhen it comes to the world of real estate where money equates to power.

People that already have the power that they needpurchasing power to be precise, which is the only power that anyone really needs when it comes to real estatewill have a splendid time going through today's commercial real estate options in Florida. But people that have always had a difficult time when it comes to the financial aspect of these matters will find that their troubles might have even doubled as more banks across the state have smartened up and taken the liberty of implementing even stricter guidelines when it comes to lending.

Nevertheless, one of the most interesting aspects that people have made note of in recent times is the fact that there are a number of distressed Florida commercial real estate properties that are currently being held up because of agreements that have been made between the involved banks and independent agencies created by the government since the latter stand firm in the hopes of being able to make the most possible returns on these transactions but, given the situation that the local real estate market is faced with, it is possible that the distressed commercial properties are immediately going to be jumped by eager people who have been curiously waiting in the sidelines for these perfect opportunities to seize.

Exactly what does this mean for potential investors who wish to operate and thrive within the state of Florida? Well, it can only mean one thing: the abundance that is now enjoyed by many will most likely double as these distressed Florida commercial real estate properties cannot be held up forever and this implies that even better and more advantageous opportunities have yet to unfold on the local real estate market which should be more than enough to keep potential investors glued to the market in the upcoming months.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For The Women - Why Dating A 40 Year Old Man Adds Up!

Recent social developments tell us that matchmaking services and dating sites have been ever-increasing in regular membership with regards to single adult men aged 40 years and above. The web seems like an ideal strategy to discover a good number of eligible males.

For the gals - don't allow his singles status to put you off. Single forty something year old men have a whole lot to offer and in many cases have all the attributes required to develop amazing partners.

Glossy women's magazines normally illustrate the modern 40 year old man as another uncertain proposition. A typical misunderstanding presents this group of single males as having intimacy and commitment issues, or simply they've already come to be too stuck in their ways. In accordance with the most current hit figures, a growing amount of women who are using online dating sites are dismissing males aged fourty and above apparently guided via the negative press and social perceptions.

A large number of single ladies who happen to have been enduring the 'man drought' and are in addition overlooking fourty something year old adult males as future companions, should be aware with regards to all the key contributions this unique group has made to the world which often can make a 40 year old male, in many instances, a wonderful catch!

Let's weigh it up!

Yes, some of them might be set in their ways. Having only themselves to look after, changing old habits will probably be challenging. On the flipside, they can be indeed particularly independent and are generally proficient in managing a home, arranging their particular personal matters and spending habits and in contrast to the younger single guys, are unlikely to have interfering moms and dads attempting to run their lives. As a result, these fellows aren't going to be relying on you to hold their hand each and every second and become their stand in Mummy.

He's quite likely had his fair share of the dating market, and is primed to settle down into a devoted and nurturing sweetheart. He's also at the position of his lifetime where by family and even finance is a priority making him a ripe pick to offer you emotive and financial protection.

So ladies, next time you are surfing around the singles dating profiles, think about men aged in their 40's, they're ready, willing and able to make a fantastic way of life with some lucky ladies!

How To Get A Low Cost Caravan Finance Offer Out Of Your Dealer

So you've found the Caravan you've always dreamed about, right down to colour of the curtains and extra accessories. You've done your analysis, which suggests that now's never been the best time for you to get a new van. It appears like you're more than willing to head right down to your local dealership, choose your ideal van and sign on the dotted-line of the finance agreement?

In reality, the hard work has only just started! Acquiring cheap caravan finance can be a bit of a tedious procedure, specifically when you're attempting to acquire the best rate of annual interest. Your caravan dealer hopes to make the most money out of you as is feasible, while you seek the most attractive rate of loan available. So what's a knowledgeable shopper like your self to do during this scenario? Simple: don't fall victim to these widely used techniques, and you will be well on your way towards towing home that new caravan - without having the hole in your finances!

Payments in the Short Term. That very low rate per month may seem desirable now, but jump forward a few years later when you've paid back a lot of money in interest - it doesn't appear like a good deal anymore, now does it? You might think in terms of what you are able to afford for monthly installments, however when getting caravan finance, negotiate with the bigger picture in your mind. The health and well being of your banking account depends on it.

Indecisiveness. If you're considering a new caravan for the entire family to use and have your lady or hubby in whilst at the dealership, avoid the temptation to ask the other person questions while in front of the dealer. Caravan sales staff do well at playing indecisive potential customers off of each other, so make sure you along with your partner know exactly what you need ahead of entering into negotiations on terms.

Being Without Several Finance Offer. If your dealership recognizes that you're depending on financing, you can bet that you're not likely to get a great offer. Having said that, many lenders are now offering people the chance to get pre-approved for a loan before moving into talks with a dealer. Having an additional offer on the table will help make your dealership work much harder to make sure you receive the best caravan finance possible - which means that you'll hold the upper hand on the subject of finance!

Desperate To Pickup That New Caravan Asap. If you hint to the dealership you're interested in buying a new caravan As quick as possible, you lose much of your negotiating strength, due to the fact he or she recognises that you can't walk away. This sense of urgency ensures that the dealer may be more inflexible in what provisions he or she will offer you - so even though you need the caravan that morning, put on your best bluffing face to get the best financing deal available!

Just because you will need to funding via your dealership doesn't signify you have to resign oneself to caravan finance with expensive interest rates. Just look out for these tricks, and you'll have the upper hand during even the most rigorous discussions.

Monday, July 9, 2012

No-Nonsense Real Estate Advice To Help You Sell Your Home

Whilst there is tons information available to real estate sellers, a lot of it is inaccurate. This article focuses on the facts of real estate sales and offers only the best advice available.

Selling the property yourself is labor intensive and time-consuming. Yes, there are a lot of resources that sellers can use, yet keep in mind that by using these resources you may potentially be spending, which could cut your profits down.

Choose your real estate agent carefully when purchasing or selling a home. To reap maximum profits, opt for an agent who knows the area well and has a good track record of getting homes sold at or near their list price. You want to find an agent that is highly trusted and comes with great credentials so your selling experience is as smooth as possible.

Just by making some small updates in your kitchen you can make people want to buy your home. For instance, update your appliances or change the design. Try adding wood block island fixtures and some hanging storage for popular kitchen upgrades. It can be expensive to change cabinetry, so you may want to consider fresh paint instead.

Even if people are going the "for sale by owner" route, they will still need help from a lawyer who specializes in real estate when it comes time to close the sale. A real estate attorney can help avoid problems and unpleasant surprises that might arise during the final paperwork or closing.

Owning a pet can cause your home to smell less than perfect. A potential buyer of your home may smell strong pet odor that you have become accustomed to and no longer notice. In order to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, it is very important that you attempt to rid your home of odors.

Refresh the appearance of the bathroom if you're going to sell your home. An easy way to do this is to add some new bathroom fixtures, change the lighting, or add a fresh coat of paint. The best ambiance you can create is that of a spa. Allow potential buyers to imagine relaxing in the bathroom with a long, relaxing soak in the tub.

The little efforts involved in keeping up with painting, landscaping, and minor repairs (to name a few examples) can be a hassle for homeowners. However, if you don't keep these items up to date, it will all add up to one very big job before you can put the property on the market.

Clean up your yard to boost your curb appeal. Cosmetic flaws like unruly flowerbeds, broken lawn furniture, clogged drains and other obvious signs of neglect drive down the value of the house and will actually repel potential buyers.

In conclusion, it can be trying to listen to so-called experts give you their opinion on selling real estate. The tips and tricks in this article have been widely proven time and time again. Hopefully this article will help to either clear up what you were unsure about, or give you some new information.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Top 10 Players Of Turkish Home Loan Market

The Turkish home loan market is not just for people from other countries. Even Turkish find ways to acquire new homes for themselves. This is the people's way of showing that they give value to an investment. The 2007 mortgage regulations even provided a lot of individuals with privileges when it comes to investing on Turkish property.

Banks and other financial institutions competed for the top spot when it comes to home loan mortgage offerings. These establishments were not just ready in terms of monetization of home loans. They were also equipped with new housing projects. In fact, the most recent survey conducted by The Banker showed 10 of the most sought after banks and institutions in the Turkish home loan market.

Top 10 home loan market players in Turkey

Looking at the list of The Banker, the biggest bank emerged to be Is Bankasi followed by Akbank and Garanti Bank. When it comes to home loans however, the following rankings were obtained from the survey.

- Garanti Bank. The records for 2008 showed that Garanti was able to deliver the highest in terms of banking income with a growth of 22%. Customers with various transactions including regular bank deposits and withdrawals and mortgages went up to 1,000,000 more than in 2007. Mortgage products for this bank started the trend in Turkey both in the cash and non-cash loan arena
- Akbank. This bank began its operations on January 1948 in Adana, Turkey. Its primary purpose then was to provide finances for cotton producers living in the Cukurova Region. Now, Istanbul is already the home for the bank's headquarters and continues to prove to be one of Turkey's largest banks in terms of assets and loan volume.
- Is Bankasi. This is considered as the country's premiere national financial institution. As a dependable banking system, it had its own share of firsts in the whole nation. Among others, it was the first to introduce checks in daily banking transactions and in the utilization of Automated Teller Machines..
- Yapi Kredi. Yapi Kredi is a banking system divided into five major segments. The list includes: retail including SME banking; credit cards; private banking; commercial banking and corporate banking. It boasts more of its presence in the retail banking sector which includes auto and home loan mortgage in Turkey.
- Ing Bank. This Turkish bank grew rapidly in terms of number with 365 branches completing the entire banking system. Its popularity extended throughout the world with an offshore banking unit located in Manama, Bahrain.
- DenizBank. This banking institution was founded 71 years ago in 1938. It was primarily established to render funds for Turkey's maritime sector. Now, it is already in the hands of Dexia and is currently busy in marketing for depositor's accounts as well as loan mortgage.
- Ziraat Bank. The loan offerings of Ziraat Bank started in as early as 1863 when the first agricultural loan was granted to Turkish farmers. Four years later, in 1867, an organized credit system was made by the bank. Through time, a lot of events took place and now, the bank continues to grow and become part of the whole world. In 1988, the GAP loan for Southeast Anatolia was founded. Ziraat Bank continues to rise in the league of markets for home loans and other mortgage types.
- DD Mortgage. The name itself implies that the primarily goal of this bank is to provide loans to the public. DD was coined from the joint venture between the Dogan Group and the Deutsche Bank. Its ranking in the Turkish home loan market arena is attributed to its creation of specialized mortgage solutions for its patrons. Even Turkish citizens living abroad are given the chance to obtain loans from DD Mortgage.
- Fortis. It was in 2005 when Fortis entered the market for finance in Turkey as it acquired Disbank. This made the bank become more active in the retail and commercial banking sectors as it offers a wide array of loan mortgage products to its prospects and existing sets of clientele. Fortis also offers asset management and merchant banking.
- HSBC. Completing the top 10 list is a world-acclaimed banking institution known as the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. Being part of one of the world's largest financial networks places HSBC Turkey in one of the top spots in the country's banking industry.

These rankings for the Turkish home loans may change throughout the years especially that there are other banks competing for the top spot. Knowing about these banks encourages investors to make their next purchase or home loan mortgage via these venues. The ranking also reflects the reputation built by each bank on a country and worldwide scale.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Msc Accounting And Finance At The University Of Southampton

If you are thinking about applying to enrol on the MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree at the Management School at the University of Southampton, then here is a quick overview of the course.

The Accounting and Finance MSc course is designed to meet the needs of students who have some knowledge of accounting and finance and who wish to extend their knowledge to an advanced level.

Students who have studied very little accounting or finance and have little relevant work experience are likely to find the programme very challenging indeed.

This MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree course consists of a core covering the main areas of accounting and corporate finance, and a research methods course that supports the dissertation.

Options available on this programme of study allow students to study particular aspects of accounting or taxation in more depth.

For example, there is a pathway within the programme that allows students to concentrate on research-oriented training and more advanced aspects of accounting and finance.

Your understanding of the subjects covered and your ability to use the knowledge and skills gained will be enhanced through a variety of methods and strategies on the MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree.

If you wish to apply to study this MSc in Accounting and Finance you should complete a University of Southampton application form and return it to the Academic Registrar.

Your application to study MSc Accounting and Finance will be carefully considered by a specialist member of the academic staff who will weigh up many factors; not only your academic achievements, interests and aptitudes, but also your motivation and your referee's confidential report.

At the Management School we make our decisions in most cases on the application form and supporting documents alone. However, candidates who require special consideration, e.g. on grounds of age, disability or non-standard entry qualifications may be interviewed.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to Get a Commercial Mortgage Modification

I. Introduction

This article will present the process by which a borrower may be approved for a commercial mortgage modification. For more detailed information, contact an attorney in your area competent in this specialized field of law. This article is not meant to be construed as legal advice, and is for educational and informative purposes only.

Definition of Commercial Mortgage Modification

First off, the term "Commercial Mortgage Modification" refers to a renegotiation in payment terms of a mortgage secured by real property that is not 1-4 unit residential real estate. Commercial mortgages can be secured by hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, apartment complexes, office buildings, shipping warehouses, or any other type of commercial property (that is, not 1-4 unit residential).

The Best Circumstances for a Commercial Mortgage Modification

The circumstances under which commercial mortgage modification negotiations occur include any foreseeably pending default by the commercial mortgage borrower. These circumstances may be broken down into two categories: "debt service default" or "balloon payment default".

"Debt service default" arises where a borrower does not have the monthly cash flow to continue to pay the monthly mortgage payment during the life of the loan (usually, 3, 5, or 7 years). "Balloon Payment default," on the other hand, occurs at the end of the life of the commercial mortgage, when the borrower must pay back the majority of the loan principal to the lender in a single lump sum (or, "balloon payment"). A borrower request for commercial mortgage modification may arise due to debt service default or balloon payment default.

The Process of Obtaining a Commercial Mortgage Modification

Obtaining a commercial mortgage modification from your lender is essentially a 3-step process that involves first a pre-negotiation agreement or letter your bank will send you upon your request to negotiate, a process of supplying information for your bank to review in consideration of your commercial mortgage modification request, and finally, negotiation of the terms of your commercial mortgage modification.

Pre-negotiation letter. The pre-negotiation agreement or letter which accompanies most negotiations for commercial mortgage modifications is usually an agreement about the negotiation process itself. Your bank's pre-negotiation letter lays out ground rules determining whether you and your bank reserve or waive certain rights during negotiation, such as the common law duty of good faith and fair dealing. It is very important to read, understand, and if necessary, negotiate the terms of the pre-negotiation agreement itself, so that you do not unwittingly waive potential rights or claims.

Informing your bank. This next step, informing your bank, is much like completing your original loan application. You will provide your bank with tax and income information for consideration of whether you qualify for new terms. Tax returns, profit and loss schedules, and proof of accounts receivable are common items the bank will want to see. If you are a landlord, the bank may require you to provide information as to the nature of your leases and their respective payment histories.

Negotiating Terms. The final stage of the process, negotiating the terms of your commercial mortgage modification, involves the give-and-take process during which you set, for example, a new loan duration, interest rate, balloon amount, or other concessions for you to avoid defaulting on your mortgage and going into foreclosure.

Who to Call

You should always rely on a skilled professional whenever you are going to sign any legal documents, and so it is highly recommended that you contact an attorney in your area familiar with lending laws, banking regulations, and best practices in the field of commercial mortgage modification. Conclusion

Commercial Mortgage Modification should be a consideration for anyone who owns a business and who is likely to default on a commercial mortgage obligation in the foreseeable future. The process itself may be simple, butprofessional advice should be sought any time you are working with complex legal documents.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Equipment financing and leasing is offered by a number of equipment lease companies in Canada. The only problem is knowing which company to work with, and moreover, how to ensure you receive the best rates, terms and structures available to your firm - based on your overall credit quality and the assets being financing .
Let's get right to the point - let's assume you have been approved for a lease financing, or that you have received what appears to be a competitive lease offer.
The information we share with clients focuses around how the lease company makes money - if you know that then clearly it becomes much easier to determine if you have a competitive structure - one that involves both rate, term of the lease, and conditions.
First of all, ensure you know what type of lease you are getting into - there are only two basic types in Canada, operating leases and capital leases. And we will keep it even simpler than that - if you wish to keep the equipment at end of the term of your desired lease get a capital lease, if you intend to use and return the asset negotiate an operating lease.
As we said, you can save or even make money if you know how a lease company makes money - and for the record we are totally in favor of any lease company in Canada making a reasonable profit relative to risk and reward, as well as a reasonable return on their own cost of funds. (Leasing companies borrow money just as your firm does!)
So what areas of concern and diligence should you have around a lease financing? We can summarize all of the main methods a lease company makes money on your transaction in three categories : interest rate charged on the lease , any tax benefits that might come from the financing, and finally, the re-leasing or sale of any equipment that comes off lease or is returned .
Those are pretty key basics, but there are probably 20 other methods in which your lease is ultimately recorded as a profitable deal. Let's look at some of those areas in which you can have a direct negotiation or input on.
If your supplier is getting paid in advance your lessor will want to confirm they are ok with that what you need to do at this point is ensure that the agreed upon financing in this interim period is clear and acceptable to yourself . Additionally many lease companies offer, or have alliances with firms that provide asset insurance. We totally agree that insurance is a requirement, after all the lease company has to ensure the collateral they are financing is there of course. But you should ensure that the insurance is fairly priced. Quite frankly we recommend to clients that they contact their own insurance broker and provide the lease firm with a certificate of insurance with the lease company named as loss payee. That's a cost effect method of addressing this issue, with you as the lessee still being in control.
Documentation and filing fees have continued to be standard in the Canadian equipment financing and leasing industry. Typical charges for this tend, in our experience to be in the 250-300$ range. Anything more excessive than this should be questioned. These charges cover the preparation and registration of lease documents under the governments Personal Property and Security Act regulations.
In general we are not if favor of clients paying commitment fees to get a lease transaction done however we temper that by saying that if your transaction is very large and requires a significant amount of due diligence, credit investigation and analysis, then these fees we feel are sometimes justified . Ensure they seem reasonable Vis a Vis the size of your transaction.
In summary, the profits made by your lessor should be legitimate profits vary based on your firms overall credit quality, the size of the transaction, and the amount of time needed to consummate the transaction by both parties. The difference may not always be in the interest rate you are receiving, and we tell clients they actually get to pick their own interest rate simply because your firms overall credit quality has determine your general price structure as the leasing industry in Canada is very competitive.
Confused about how you can control your lease transaction and the profit made by your lessor? Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced leasing advisor who can guide you through key aspects of a successful lease negotiation.